The Blogs Back……………………

So firstly, apologies for no blog last night but it really was ‘one of those days’. To be honest,I should have seen the warning signs early doors when I put my barefoot on a slug while putting the recycle box out and my milk falling threw the sainburys bag as I carried the shopping to the car was a dead give away. Maybe I should of headed back to the sanctuary of home there and then. The day got no better after that and come 9pm when Jack reeled off a list of ingredients he needed for cooking the next day I gave up.

So, a new dawn( I mean the early morning one – not me!) meant a new day and thankfully, all in all, it was a much better one. Wednesday is cricket day – wahoo. And after learning how to windmill our arms to bowl last week ( I still can’t do it) this week it was time for an almost real game. Mmm! My job – to score. Easy you may think. Only in cricket it depends which way the umpire is waving is arms as to how many points runs you get. I must confess, it took me a while to get the hang of it. still, I soon had the ‘four’ and the ‘wide’ sussed. But when the Sri- Lankan cricketing dude raised both hands in the air I thought he was waving and waved back…………….Apparently its a six – durr!!!

So after work it was a quick dash into town to get birthday cards for my baby who will be twelve on Friday – TWELVE – where the hell did that time go. I want my little boy back – the little boy who asked easier questions. So I’ll leave you with Jack’s question of the day, which came about after seeing Brian Dowling (gay dude) on an advert for Big Brother……..

“How does your voice know you’re gay?”

Answers on a postcard please……………………

Back to normal now

(thats a laugh in our house!)

21 again tomorrow

Bring it on




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