Dr No Running, Dr No Way………….

Will a Bandage Help….

People in medical waiting rooms will be getting sick of me. If it wasn’t bad enough that I took more than enough of the A & E Doctors time up (well it’s not my fault he thought I had a good-looking knee-joint!) I more than over-stayed my ten minutes max GP appointment by nearly 20 minutes – not my fault either.

 When I checked in at the doctors and the name Dr Pedro Welch popped up, I did wonder who he was. Thinking  the name sounded Europeanish I decided I must be seeing the Seve Ballesteros lookalike who kept calling people  through – how wrong can you be. You don’t really expect a big coloured dude to be called Pedro – but there you go. On the plus side Pedro knew what he was on about. So I reeled the whole tale off. My knee saga, the running, cycling and falling off (did he really need to laugh so loudly!) and A&E’s request for a scan – hence the appointment. 

The good news is Pedro knew what he was on about the bad news is he gave me some news I didn’t really want to hear. Yep, Pedro specialized in orthopedics before becoming a GP so if I thought A& E doc managed to put my leg in some weird positions Pedro bet him hands down – did he really need to stick his fingers under my kneecap though. At least he understood my need to run, he used to run. I nearly fell off my chair when he said he used to be a 400m runner – he’s built like a prop-forward -only brainier!!

Anyway Doc Pedro thinks I’ve damaged my medial meniscus or something so I need to rest (is this guy for real!!) He showed me loads of pics on google of dodgy MM’s. No running for at least a week (or six – ahem!) So looks like cycling for miles instead. In reality if it doesn’t recover in the next six weeks I’m looking at surgery/physio or both -unless it locks in the meantime, then, well then your guess is as good as mine.So I’m off to see a physio now -a third opinion might help……….

Not a happy bunny

 Not giving up without a fight 

Bring it on



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