A Little Snooze and Which Shoes to Choose

So another day another hair disaster, no rain today but plenty of damp misty fog – my hair was having none of it and refused to re-straighten. I spent most of the day looking like I still had my helmet on – not my best look!! Still fitness comes first – not to mention the money I’m saving on petrol!!

The countdown to half term is on now – only two days left to work and I’m definitely ready for a break. I didn’t realize how ready until I sat down to watch neighbours and snoozed my way through most of it – good job I was heading out for a run or I think I’d have slept right through.

Yep, another run done, I dropped Jack at training and ran a 3 1/2 mile loop – pain-free again. To think if I’d listened to my doctor I’d have still been waiting for a referral and probably have gained 2 stone waiting. Now I’m on the road to recovery and changing the way I run – well I’m trying. All I need now is some more suitable running shoes that I actually like and the comeback will definitely be on-but which shoes to choose……….

Nearly 7 miles cycled and over 3 miles run

Early morning sprint tomorrow

Bring it on



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