Bloody Bored……………..



Well today I did something I rarely do – I gave in. I don’t like having time off work but there was no way I was in a fit state to make it  – I did get up to go but for once (not sure what came over me) common sense prevailed. If only I could be like Boris – he’s gone off for a service and a bit of straightening out and he’ll be all shiny and new tomorrow. If only!!

I’m bored, bored,bored, bored bored, booorrreeeddddd! I don’t do sitting still – and even though I kept myself busy with a bit of R.E, P.E and ICT planning (a-hem), it still feels like the longest day in, well in a long time. Still the only way I’m going to be back on the bike sooner rather than later is to rest and recover – but I’ve done 3 whole days. How much longer is it going to take? I wonder if my physio can leave my knee and straighten my shoulder and neck out ? Now there’s an idea…………………………………….

I’ve been good today

Even better tomorrow

Bring it on




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