Conquering the Cabin Fever…..Maybe Not

Well I still didn’t get the best of nights sleep but it was the best one in almost a week – things are finally on the up, sort of. I’ve definitely got more movement in my shoulder now which is good, however I still feel slightly unattached to  my left side, I’m sure it won’t last much longer. They say patience is a virtue, it’s just a shame I haven’t gone none!! I went back to work today which has slightly alleviated the boredom but what I really want to do is cycle or run or both. Cabin fever is setting in -big style.

Still I’ve got the day off to look forward to tomorrow, schools closed for the police commissioner elections that no one knows a thing about, so I’ve got a whole day to myself to do the things I love. Well apart from running, cycling, swimming and walking!! Looks like a day people watching with my camera. Watch out Wakefield Precinct I’m coming to get you!!

The movements returning

Back on the bike by the weekend

Bring it on!!



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