Mounted Mountain Bike……………..


Well if pedalling Mavis was a nightmare, hubby’s bike- lets call him Arthur, though easier to pedal, is a risk to life and limb – mainly limb. Toe clips are all well and good but if you need to get off your bike sharpish you’ve no chance. Mind you, you don’t really expect a dog to try to mount your mountain bike (thank god it wasn’t the Great Dane I normally see when running down by the railway!)

To be fair to the dog there wasn’t really room for either of us on the path but did it really need to jump up. I tried my best to keep my balance, but no chance. In a scene similar to ‘Only Fools n Horses’ when Del Boy fell behind the bar -one minute I was upright the next I was laying on my side with the bike still attached – my sore knee side!! I’ll give the dog owner his due though – he couldn’t apologise enough and it wasn’t really the dogs fault it was the bikes. So I rolled from under the bike, muttered something about….well I can’t really remember what I said and pedaled off, once round the corner I burst into a mixture of hysterical laughter and tears.

So now my sore knee is even sorer, I’ve got one ankle bigger than the other, I’ve cut the bottom of my leg and somehow I’ve bumped my nose – its throbbing. I’m running out of bags of ’emergency peas’ looks like using the chicken nuggets or Ikea meatballs next!! I thought this cycling m’larkey was meant to keep you healthy!!!

nearly 5 miles pedaled

Taking Boris for mending……..

Bring it on

Runners, Riders and Rabbits……………….

So as promised we headed out on the bikes this morning and just for a change we got lost – even with a map. But to be fair the map was not to scale and clearly not right – it only shows the paths you follow, it doesn’t show other tracks that might confuse some people (us!) Still at least we knew where we were this time -going in the wrong direction. But every cloud has a silver lining and we’ve now found a new route to add to our collection- hopefully we’ll master the map next week!!!

Until I took up this cycling m’larkey I never took much notice of cyclists, well except when they’re hogging the road and I’m late for work – joke!! But when you look closley, just like runners, they come in varying forms. There’s the ‘lycra clad gang’ – bright coloured outfits that leave nothing to the imagination – great if you’ve got a six pack -not so good if you’ve got a beer belly or a huge arse, or both!! Then there’s the ‘off road gang’- – baggy shorts and tops, rucksack and usually splattered in mud. The ‘I’m on my way to work’ gang – shirt n tie top half, trackies bottom half or trousers with clips round – not a good look, laptop bag slung over the shoulder! Don’t forget the the ‘we’re just taking up cycling’ couple- Toys r us bikes, no helmets and no idea what they’re doing and last but not least the ‘we’re off to the bmx track’ gang. Trousers hanging halfway down their boxers, high tops, bizzarely positioned baseball hats  and bikes that are 3 sizes too small.Not sure which group we fit into really, definatily not the lasalthough I wouldn’t mind having a go!!!

While out ‘having a go’ this morning, we came across a group of club runners, a friendly lot who came out with the usual comments like ‘any chance of a lift’ and ‘nice morning for it’ but looking at them I sort of wondered just how bad do I look when out running. Don’t get me wrong I know how badly I wheeze at times and I sweat buckets even in the middle of winter- not a good look, but some of these guys looked like they were on their last legs – mind you some of them were definitely in a much older generation of runners than I am. But there’s me thinking I look like  Wakefield’s answer to Paula Radcliffe (only heavier) and all the time I look like a menopausal running beetroot – oh well, at least I’m out there!!!

So we headed home, down by the railway and nearly caught our tea, thumper – obviously dodging the train ran straight into Ernie’s front wheel  – Rabbit Pie anyone? (Louise don’t worry, thumper survived!!)

Now the hunts is on for a replacement for Boris (my bike). My work are taking part in the cycle2work scheme, a chance to get a fab bike for less than half the price – so this afternoon we went to look at various bikes. So while Ernie wandered around talking about disc brakes and Sh……….something or other gears and well, all sorts really – I’m stood there wondering if they do any of these bikes in pink or purple…………Maybe I haven’t quite got the hang of this cycling m’larkey yet!!!

10.5 miles cycled

3.9 miles run

Work in the morning

Bring it on!!!!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles……..Oh and a FlyMo!

Well to be honest it was more bikes, cars and helicopters than Planes, trains and automobiles but that would have been a crap title – but all in all it’s been one of the most bizarre Saturdays we’ve had in while.

The morning started with Hubby diving out of bed to go out to play on his new bike – I know, I know he already had a perfectly good bike (see link to previous blog) but that was the problem it was too good to be let out of the cellar. So the bubble wrap bike is now up for sale and we’ve now got two more bikes in the house – one for off-road and one for on (!) I have one bike that does both and was a fraction of the cost but……………..Boy’s and their toys!!!

Anyway this new toy meant he came back a happy boy (well middle-aged dude!) this morning. The off-road route I sent him on meant he had loads of fun – so much fun that we’re off to do it together tomorrow morning (we’re child free) not on the same bike – I’m not having a crog on a mountain bike thank you very much!!! Talking of mountain bikes – did you see them loonies in the Olympics today and I thought the BMX  lot were mental!!

So biking done we nipped out to do a few jobs and ended up buying a car. Don’t get me wrong one of the jobs on our list was to go looking at cars – but not buy one. It’s a bit of a saga to be honest but to shorten it for you……….Once upon a time I had a lovely car,Colin the Corsa. Colin was getting on a bit so Hubby sold him and bought Peter the Peugeot – nasty Peter. I hated him! A few weeks ago Colin came back on the market, someone wanted to buy Peter (are you keeping up) so Colin came home!!! Sadly the buyer of Peter changed her mind (boo) and we haven’t sold him yet. On Tuesday Colin left my life for the second time. Naffed off – not kidding. Anyway today we went to look at other options…..Archie the Aygo will be with us on Monday!!!!

As I said earlier, we’re child free at the moment. Jack was due to go paintballing tomorrow for a friend’s birthday but then he was invited to go stay tonight and get this – go for a flight in a helicopter. Eek! OTT birthday 

 I thought but oh no. Birthday boy’s dad flies all the time. ‘Posh People alert’ I thought, but no, down to earth normal people. Granted, my house and garden would fit in their shed, but there was no need for airs and graces – not that I can do airs and graces. I am what I am…………….Bit scary watching your son taking off in a helicopter – even scarier watching your Hubby have a go- he can’t stand on top of the step ladders without feeling giddy!!

So have hubby and I made the most of a child free night. Er, well come on do you really think we were going to go out with the Olympics on – no chance. So we’ve watched Mo Fly, the Jamaicans whoop the Americans (get in) gold in the boxing and after all that Tom Daley’s had to deal with he brought home the bronze – Go Team GB

What a super Saturday

Mountain Biking with the Hubby in the morning

Bring it on



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