Brrrrrr – finally!!!!

So another Monday morning dawned ( I do wish they wouldn’t come round quite do quickly) and finally we had some almost wintry weather – well it was cold. So for once I arrived at work ‘almost’ dry. Granted I was still splattered in mud and my short- clad legs were tinged with blue but it made a pleasant change. By playtime the temperature had dropped further – cue lots of rosy cheeked kids and runny noses, and very cold teachers. By the time I’d thawed out it was time to get the shorts back on.  Still, on the plus side, I cycled home in almost daylight and even the icy puddles didn’t stop my fun – can’t beat the outdoor gym. 

Nearly 8 miles cycled

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on!!!!  


Wahoo its Monday……That can’t be right!!

untitled (3)

Well actually, it is. Granted I don’t normally celebrate Mondays with that much enthusiasm but today was slightly different. Firstly I got on the scales, great news 2.5lbs lost -the healthy eating and exercise is paying of. Next, I plucked up the courage to check my feedback from my first assignment, I was going to leave it until after work just in case it hadn’t gone to plan!! I’m glad I checked, subject to a second opinion due to scoring over 70%, I’ve passed – I’m just a little bit chuffed, at least the ‘not having a life’ due to studying is paying off. So with all that good news I went for a pre-work swim to celebrate  I really do know how to have a good time!!!

40 lengths done

back to the study

Bring it on!!!

Such an Easy Start to the Week………Maybe Not!!

cartoonSo much for going to work for a rest, the class teacher was off meaning I had the little darlings to myself all day -fab. To be honest, I really enjoy covering but Monday is probably the worst day to cover,it’s dinner money day, there’s no previous work to follow on from and  the kids take half the day to come round from the weekend. Thankfully they were slightly more switched on than usual today and we had street dance third lesson, all in all it wasn’t a bad day, I survived but I am hoping grumpy chops is back tomorrow (Only joking if you’re reading!)

To recover from my day as teacher I was straight out for a run when I got home, only a short one but it was a good run all the same, fastest pace I’ve done in a while. I’m well chuffed. Maybe these thirty day challenges are starting to improve my core, but do they really have to hurt so much!!!

1.7 miles in 14:34 minutes

70 situps

90 crunches

42 leg lifts

1 minute of planking

60 squats

Maths (sequences)

English (Writing a Prayer)

Street Dance  (looked a tit)

ICT (doddle -though if the boss is looking on it was hard!)

Back on the Bike, work and college tomorrow

Bring it on!

CBA Syndrome Stikes Again……..

Well I was so organised last night, work and school bag ready, snap made ,running kit all laid out next to my bed ready for my early morning run – very impressed. So did I make it out for my early morning sprint……………..Er no! Not sure if it was the crap nights sleep, the fact that I awoke feeling slightly off-balance or what but nothing was going to raise me out of bed before I really had to be up this morning. CBA syndrome had well and truly kicked in and my best laid plans were gone. Annoyed -just a bit. I was so annoyed that I haven’t been friends with myself all day – not the best of moods to be in on a Monday,especially the first Monday after half term.

Still at least I swam after work, I almost redeemed myself. Yep Jack and I went to test Wakefield’s newest leisure centre – it’s not bad to be honest. It hasn’t got the character of the old place or the mouldy walls but it’s well worth a visit or two. Might have to avoid Mondays though – Wakefield’s ‘Fat Chuffer Synchronised Swimming Team’ clearly train on Mondays. No really, I’ve never seen so many morbidly obese people in one place. Still at least they’re trying to get back in shape (good on them). I best get my arse out of bed in the morning or I might be joining them!!

Failed at the early morning run

Try again tomorrow

Bring it on



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