A Short Blog -I’m in Shock!!!

So I’ve spent most of the day wandering around in a daze, in fact I’m sat here staring at the screen in disbelief, I thought it would have sunk in by now, but it hasn’t. Maybe if I write it down it will seem more real. Today, the unthinkable happened, Today 27 years after failing my first exam…….

I got an A in my Maths GCSE.

Don’t get me wrong, I worked really hard, I knew I could get more than a C, which is why I went for the higher paper in the hope of getting a B. But then disaster struck. Come exam week I became really ill with food poisoning, I’d all on sitting up never mind taking an exam. I came out of the first exam feeling like I’d blown it and just hoped upon hope that a C would still be possible. Which is probably why what was inside that envelope today came as such a shock. Fingers crossed the Science GCSE I start in September goes as well!!

A great result

The hours of swotting paid off

Bring on the Science!!

untitled (3)

The Three R’s…….. Rain, revision and can’t Be aRsed

Ok it’s two R’s not three but you get the idea. Anyway first of all apologies for a lack of blog yesterday, I just couldn’t be bothered. Due to recovering from this food poisoning malarkey I still haven’t got anything to log, plus it wanged it down so I didn’t have much to blog about either. I did lots of revision for my looming maths exam (first one is tomorrow – eek!) , I rested, those horse pill antibiotics have knocked me out and that was that!!
Thankfully today the sun shone and I felt less tired, we had a ride out to Holmfirth to see where the Yorkshire part of the Tour de France is going, and watched in awe at those pedalling up the mini mountains – I think I’ll stick to mountain biking!! Can’t wait to see the pro’s do it come July.
Hoping to start Juneathon tomorrow.
Better late than never
Bring it on.


Trotting along nicely……..not!!!


So day 2 of Juneathon, day four of the trots – it’s really getting beyond a joke now, even I’m running out of things on the bright side to look for. I can’t even start my 30 day ab challenge my stomachs that sore, not that I’ll need to, if this carries on much longer I’ll be like ‘Starving Marvin’ by the end of the week!!
Still on the bright side ( told you I’d find one) and with work out of bounds, in-between the snoozes and trips to the ladies I think I’ve finally got my head around stratified samples and histograms – whether I remember it tomorrow remains to be seen. I hope I’m trot free next week or I may need a cork to pass these maths exams. 💩

Lots of up and down stairs,but still no exercise!!
Hoping for a better nights sleep tonight.
Bring it on!!


Where’s Poly Gone…….


I really didn’t mean to reduce my maths class to hysterical laughter, I just couldn’t help myself. I’d said it before I even realised. A whole lot louder than I thought.
I’m blaming the long day, the excitement of the snow ( all 3 flakes!!) the fact that it’s almost half term……
Well come on, it is the oldest joke in the book. So when the tutor asked me to define a polygon……..
Yep!!! I did!!
Is it a dead parrot!?!?
Thankfully the tutor laughed louder than anyone!!
I didn’t mean to be the class clown
I’ll be good tomorrow 😘
Bring it on!!!

Reciprocal Rehearsals……………

Just where does the time go, the dust barely seems to have settled on ‘Big Bad Ben’ The Nativity, and now rehearsals are in full flow for this years Christmas production – a whole year gone!!! Good news is this years could be the best one yet, granted it’s not the most politically correct production ever but it sure is funny!! ‘Away With the Manger’ a tale of two robbers, a school play and a french policeman with the dodgiest accent ever (think Allo Allo) add to that songs about morning sickness and K.I.S.S.I.N.G and you get the idea. Not too sure what class 5 thought of my rousing singing practice this morning though (I’m tone-deaf) I can’t make my mind up if they were laughing with enjoyment or taking the p*** out of my singing. Still they left for lunch with a smile on their face.

Come college this evening I was the one the with the smile on my face, the results from last weeks mock Maths GCSE were in – I passed. 100% is not bad for a first go!!!! Well chuffed.

Not quite as blonde as I seem.

Reciprocal Numbers Next -not a chuffing clue

Bring it on!!



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