The Careful Comeback……..Maybe Not

Well I made it to work, clothes and all today – mainly because I went in the car. It was bucketing it down this morning, not that I mind getting wet but I really couldn’t face having to re-do my hair n stuff when I got there- I just wasn’t in the mood!! Thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Typical that come hometime there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, why couldn’t it have been the other way round- getting wet on the way home is not a problem.

Now, in full contrast to this morning it’s starting to freeze out there. Much as I love cold and frost it’s not really the weather I wanted to deal with today – not on my comeback run ( 3rd attempt) and especially after my run of recent luck (it seems to have run off). Yes, today was the day to test my knee out, I’ve been good, done my exercises and waited like my physio said. I even planned a route that was only slightly over the 2 miles physio said I could do – my intention was  to run a mile walk for 1/4 of a mile and then run another mile – erm whoops!!

All was going well until I paused to tie my lace, that’s when I noticed another runner at the bottom of the hill, now I may have lost some of my fitness and speed (and my marbles) over the last few weeks but I clearly haven’t lost my competitive streak. That was that, there was no walking a 1/4 mile I just legged it -so much for easing myself back in gently!!

2.3 miles in 18ish minutes

The comebacks on (again)

Bring it on



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