Better Late Than Never and lost!!!

Image1So much for me starting Juneathon 8 days late, if only I’d realised just how ill food poisoning can actually make you. Not really what you want when you’re in the process of taking exams. Still I survived, just, and after two and a half weeks off work things finally got back to normal. Twenty one days later than planned I was back on the bike, Juneathon had finally started. Shame we got lost on the first ride back (nothing changes) but on the plus side we pedaled a lot further than planned, fast forward a week and we were lost again. It’s all well and good taking new routes but it would be extremely helpful if the arrows on the route actually pointed the way you’re meant to go. Still we were one step ahead this week -we took a map-great help that turned out to be. It was wanging it down, the map didn’t like the rain, it’s now in bits on the kitchen table. I know how it feels!!

Nearly seventy miles done in the last seven days

Feeling Human again (just)

Bring it on


On The Run from the Killer Cows ………..

Love the way the sun is now brightening the sky – less than two hours ago it was wanging it down – we had to cut our walk short-typical. The one time I suss out a route on a map and it rained so much the map is now hanging from the curtain pole drying!! ( big map!) Mind you everything else is also hanging from the curtain pole including my supposedly waterproof rucksack which is proving to be anything but! The entire contents were soaked – great!!

Mind you taking the map was pointless- it was wrong! Nowhere on the map was there a picture of evil cows in a field with no way out.No it clearly showed a FP (foot path for those non map readers) So Jack and I followed the FP, the cows followed us. We were back to doing our let’s ignore the looming animal impression ( see yesterday) We got to the supposed right of way the gate was a) locked and b) wrapped in barbed wire. It was the cows or the gate. There was only one thing for it.Looking back I can’t believe I climbed the gate first and left Jack with the cows, but then he got on so well with ‘Trev’ yesterday!!!

This morning we headed to the open air swimming pool again and swam in the rain- the rain stopped as we got out- it really has been one of those days!!! Thankfully it stayed dry while we played on the adventure playground- yep we had a great time- even jumped off the swing at its highest point like we used to do when we were kids. Not sure what the other families in the park thought of this looney woman whizzing down the slide but hey we’ll never see them again – hopefully!!!

Now we’re waiting for hubby to arrive before we head out for tea- mind you here comes the rain again, night in anyone………..







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