Macro Manoeuvres

So with the sun out it was time to head out and play with my new macro filter – perfect conditions. Shame the sun was playing at silly buggers and by the time I got to my destination it was playing the best hide and seek game ever -it had hidden for the day, add to that the wind had got up,so the things I wanted to take close up shots of were merrily waving about -brill!! Still I’m not one to give up -and I wasn’t going to head home with no photos having already walked nearly 2 miles so I improvised.

Now crawling about in bushes isn’t really my thing, but the wind wasn’t getting lower down in the undergrowth and needs must. I must confess I got some strange looks from passers-by,(let’s be honest, it’s not the first time!) especially the ones I made jump crawling out from banking (really sorry). By the time I got home I was filthy -but I had fun. Granted the weather didn’t help me get the shots I wanted and I’m not sure whether I should leave my UV filter lens on or off with the close up filter but it wasn’t a bad first time effort – time to do some more research.

Had fun playing out with my camera

Hoping for better weather tomorrow (!)

Bring it on

Camera Capers……..

Well I didn’t get to play with my camera in quite the way I wanted to but I had a little play all the same. Unfortunately the weather put an end to my  plans to get out for a walk and have a play with my new close up filter -its a +4 (!?!?), if I’d have gone out this morning when the sun was attempting to shine (it wasn’t doing a very good job!) I might have had a chance of getting a few shots but by the time I got out there everything was grey and dull -Boring!! Then it wanged it down -fab!! I do wish I’d gone for a long walk though I get bored far too easily when I’m stuck indoors. It was my boredom that led to me getting the camera out -my model for the day -the christmas tree.

I didn’t get to use my macro lens the way I wanted to there wasn’t enough natural light (I think!) but I had a mess about with taking pictures of moving lights -my tree lights flash. To be honest it’s defo going to be a case of practise makes perfect -some of them were a blurry mess and I didn’t get the outcome I expected, but I got some shots that might be worth photoshopping (get me!!) we’ll see how it works out.  I do need to start writing down what I’m doing though cos now I can’t remember which setting I used- arrghh. 

Practise makes perfect

Hoping for some sunshine tomorrow

Bring it on



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