Better Late Than Never and lost!!!

Image1So much for me starting Juneathon 8 days late, if only I’d realised just how ill food poisoning can actually make you. Not really what you want when you’re in the process of taking exams. Still I survived, just, and after two and a half weeks off work things finally got back to normal. Twenty one days later than planned I was back on the bike, Juneathon had finally started. Shame we got lost on the first ride back (nothing changes) but on the plus side we pedaled a lot further than planned, fast forward a week and we were lost again. It’s all well and good taking new routes but it would be extremely helpful if the arrows on the route actually pointed the way you’re meant to go. Still we were one step ahead this week -we took a map-great help that turned out to be. It was wanging it down, the map didn’t like the rain, it’s now in bits on the kitchen table. I know how it feels!!

Nearly seventy miles done in the last seven days

Feeling Human again (just)

Bring it on


Back to work In The Morning……….Nooooooooooo!

Just a little bit of mud.....

Just a little bit of mud…..

So that’s it, the holidays are over, just where did those two weeks go? The list of holiday jobs is still a list of jobs, I didn’t really do any of them. It’s the weathers fault, I’m not going to stay inside when the sun is shining, I didn’t stay inside on the days it wasn’t shinning either but I’ve got to blame something. On the plus side the cars clean, the garden walls are painted, the fence is painted, the windows are washed, the bird feeders are re-stocked, the lawn is re-seeded, well it was until the birds ate the seed, they clearly didn’t understand me as I pointed to the feeder! It’s fair to say that I’ve been busy. I still managed to find time to get the bike out but what a difference a couple of days can make.

Thursday it was a sunny day by the canal/river, a lovely, if somewhat muddy, ride out to Dewsbury, except I took the wrong turn and ended up near Mirfield. Never the less I did, as I always do, and found my way back. twenty miles done. I then, not on a purpose honest, ended up running 8 miles with my friend, we just sort of forgot that adding a different bit on would make it a longer run -whoops!! Still I was pretty chuffed, I haven’t run that far in a long long time. Friday I couldn’t walk, my legs felt like they weren’t mine, I had no control over them, I gave them a day off. Yesterday, in complete contrast to Thursday, it wanged it down, back to cycling in a mudbath. Two and a quarter hours of splashing through freezing cold puddles, not another cyclist to be seen (can’t think why) and just as we got back the sun came out!!

Today, in-between trying to pretend I haven’t got a hangover, I’ve been getting the work/school stuff sorted -boo! why can’t the holidays last forever? Can’t complain though -its only 3 weeks and 3 days until the next one. Is it worth going back………..

Over 1oo miles cycled

20 miles run

Going back to work for a rest

Bring it on!!















Lost – part 1274, Lazy and Lax


Ok, Ok so maybe I/we haven’t been lost over a thousand times but I/we  seem to be averaging once a week of late -though to be fair to hubby I am way better getting lost than he is. Todays ‘lost while cycling’ look was 100% hubbys fault though. His ‘we’ll take this path because then we’ll end up on the main path’ suggestion didn’t go to plan. Not only did the path go on forever, it was another bumpy ride, not just tree roots, but streams and trip traps bridges that I expected a troll to leap from under at any minute. I wasn’t happy, especially when we ended up nowhere, or so we thought, having looked at the map since ,we weren’t that far from civilisation! So the only option was to pedal through the hay fever fields ( you know – that yellow stuff that makes you sneeze!) more bumpy pedalling – joy. Still on the plus side we added another two plus miles to our route it wasn’t all bad. Might even do it again next week as long as I can strap a cushion to my saddle!
So after a busy day yesterday today was a bit of a novelty day – thanks to Easter there was no junior rugby,time for a lie- in. Wahoo!!! So why did I wake up at 8?!? Still coffee and a good book meant I didn’t get up till 9:30 that must count as a lazy morning?
No rugby also meant I had time to do a proper Sunday Lunch, with all the trimmings. I even made desert – not so much of a lazy day after all. In between the cooking there was maths swotting to be done – reflections,translations, transitions and orders of rotational symmetry. Deep joy, it should have been easy, it wasn’t. Some muppet at the proof-reading factory had clearly been asleep on the job – the questions were wrong. Wrong orders, wrong vectors, wrong directions – even I know the difference between clockwise and anti-clockwise (just!!) wrong, wrong wrong. I’m not happy. The books are in a heap in the middle of the kitchen table – I’ll go back to being lazy. For now!

Quiet Sunday
Makes a nice change
Bring it on.

Is Tha Lost………


For the regular readers of my blog you’ll know how good I am at sort of getting lost, the hunt for new cycle/running routes often takes me into the unknown. I always find my way home-eventually!
In my defence today I wasn’t technically lost – I knew where I was, but the paths seemed to have moved in the months since I was last here! Thankfully, as I stood pondering which path to take, a nice farmer man pointed me in the right direct – sort of. “Is tha lost?” He asked in a true Yorkshire accent, “wi yer eadin” So I told him I was wanting to get back to the canal path. “Well tha,s off reight road” he said. Which roughly translates as ‘you are going in the right direction’. None too helpful with more than one path to take. Still I made it back.
It would have been lovely cycling in the sunshine were it not for the swarms of mozzies that dive bombed all the way round, seemingly we are to be over run by mozzies this year – great news when mozzies love you. Foreign travel is a nightmare for me, I’m no sooner off the plane and the little bleeders have got me – I once spent a fortnight in Ibiza looking like I’d got club foot, I couldn’t even get my flip-flop on. And now the vicious bleeders are heading here – fab!!!
So that’s the first day of the Easter Hols done. I’ve had a lie-in, cleaned the car and started listing the things I need to do this holidays – a fortnight is not longing enough!!!

Loving the sun
More of the same tomorrow
Bring it on.

A Bike Ride For One Can Be Fun……..

So with the boys out paintballing for the day it was a bike ride for one this morning. A very muddy bike ride as it turned out. Much as I love cycling with hubby it does make a nice change to not go at breakneck speed and actually have a chance to take in the surroundings. It also gave me a chance to follow some different paths and as usual,  gave me the chance to get lost. Don’t get me wrong I’m not actually lost as in the sense of ‘I’ve no idea where I am’, but more ‘so how do I get out of here then?’ To add to todays fun, not only could I not find my way back onto the path I wanted to be on but I was also pedalling in a quagmire – I was covered from head to toe in mud. It was ace.

The other good thing about heading off into the unknown was finding another abandoned building – an old farmhouse from what I can gather – I can’t wait to go back with my camera. I can’t believe I’ve cycled past it week in, week out and never noticed it, I told you cycling slower had its plus points!!!!

So what with cycling and paintballing, the kitchen is once again a muddy the mess, the washer that’s now forgotten it’s not working,  is on overtime again and due to this afternoons torrential downpour, the nearly dry washing is now dripping , and there’s still junior rugby to come tomorrow which means even more mud – joy!!!

15 miles cycled

120 squats

18 push-ups

4 loads of washing

kitchen floor washed twice

More washing tomorrow

Bring it on

A Quiet weekend -maybe not!!!


So a rather quiet weekend in the Earnshaw household , a chance for a bit of a slob about. Something we rarely get a chance to do (well I don’t). Its been the perfect slobbing about weather, windy, wanging it down and in comparison to recent temperatures – a tad chilly. Funny thing is we haven’t spent that long in front of the fire. Jacks spent most of the weekend rolling round the garden with his rugby ball and tackle bag (he loves this time of year – he can’t stand it when its warm) now the grass that we nutured all summer long as disappeared under a mud bath -just how many times can you re-seed one lawn!! I’ve been out on the bike both days, got lost both day and got wet both days -I loved it!

Yesterday I should have been out cycling with the hubby but as his tyre was as flat as a pancake I set off without him and as is always the case when I’m on my own I decided to try a different path -whoops. The path seemed to be up a never-ending hill. My ‘recovering from surgery’ knee, really loved me. But where there’s an up, there’s always a down. Think Julie Andrews singing the hills are alive, only on a bike. You get the idea. Though I don’t recall her screaming “Arrgghh, ‘F**ing Hell” at the top of her voice! It took twenty minutes to get up that hill and two seconds to get down -so unfair!! Still I survived -time for another path. The ‘trick puddle’ path! It really didn’t look like a deep puddle, it didn’t look like much of anything until I was stuck in it. Think Dr Foster (you know, that dude in the Nursery rhyme who went to Gloucester) , that was me (there’s some right comparisons on this blog today!) one minute I was skimming the top of the puddle next minute I was knee-deep….

So you would have thought that today when I headed out (hubby was recovering from the lads night out -wuss!) I might have learnt my lesson. Well in my defence it was only a little path. A path to bloody nowhere (again) Just to add to the fun I had to battle my way through the brambles. Bikes and brambles don’t mix, bloody things were wound round the pedals and everything. I had to carry my bike above me to get through. I came to a fence which said “ELECTRIC FENCE DO NOT TOUCH”  Mmmm,I thought, I don’t think so -it was made of wood. I may be blonde but I’m not stupid! (Didn’t stop me poking it with a stick first to check though!!) So under the fence I went, through more brambles and came to…..A field of horses -real ones that jump fences (!). Bugger, it was the horses or death by wooden electric fence and brambles. The brambles won!

Loving exploring

Survived electrocution

Bring it on

Stopping, Starting and a Game of British Bulldog


So the month of October is upon us (bloody hell, it’s nearly christmas!!) and from reading a few Facebook postings it seems that for many people the month is also Stoptober with many giving up smoking or drinking for a whole month. Good on them. As I don’t smoke and rarely drink, it wouldn’t be much of a hardship for me to stop those things, so what to do. Well instead of stopping something I’m starting. Yep, I’m starting to stand up for myself. No more doing everything for everyone else. From now on it’s all about my family and me. It’s quite liberating, Saturday, when I should have been doing something for other people I was having ‘me time’, people watching in the coffee shop (If only I’d remembered my camera!) it was bliss. I can’t remember the last time a Saturday morning was so relaxing.

The new me is also busy studying for my Maths GCSE and I’m loving it, some stuff is coming back really quickly, some isn’t. There are things I’ve never heard of before and there are things I wish I’d never heard of before – like probability. What a stupid waste of time that is, mutually exclusive or otherwise. Still it all adds to the fun. I’ve probably done more  in the last few weeks than I did in my entire ‘O’ Level year. Mind you, there wasn’t much chance to swot back then, school was shut more than it was open due to the teachers being on a work to rule type strike. Strangely they did most of their protesting in the local pub!! It really was a great school!!!

Still, I left the books for a time this morning to head out on my bike, it was a lovely morning and I could have spent the day out there, unlike last week I didn’t get lost once, granted I took a path to nowhere but I wasn’t lost. I could have done without the huge horse blocking the cycle path though, I cycled round the corner at full pelt and there it was, giving me the evil eye. I’ve played British Bulldog many times, but never with a horse,which ever way I moved the horse followed. In the end I spotted a gap in the bushes and made a break for it, bike and all. Not sure what the dog-walking couple thought of some nutty women flying out of the greenery screaming, but sometimes screaming is the only way to deal with things…..Mmmm, I wonder if it will help with the probability!!

Loving the new me

Will I keep it up

Bring it on


Too Busy To Blog……Maybe

I’m not really sure how a whole week has passed me by without me blogging but it has. Don’t get me wrong it has been a busy week (when is it anything else) but I don’t recall it being that busy. Still nothing like a good catch-up!!

Last Tuesday saw me lost twice in one day, the first time while out cycling and the second time out walking -if there’s one thing I’m good at it’s getting lost. I always find my way back, eventually and even better I find things I never knew existed along the way -I never knew Wakefield and the surrounding area had so many nature parks and lakes!!

Wednesday was a ‘back to school day’, all things considered it wasn’t a bad start to the final half term. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many P.E lessons in one week and dare I say it, in the glorious sunshine, it was fab. Cricket, football, rugby and good old rounders -who needs holidays abroad when you can have outdoor P.E?

In between the cycling and work I’ve been patiently waiting to get a snap or two of the birds on the feeder -I’m far to impatient. Plus I’m sure the sodding birds are taking the p**s. Theres loads of them stuffing their faces until I get my camera out then they all bugger off -still I got some great shots of Sid The Squirrel!!!

Cycled 50+ miles in the last week

hope the good weather lasts

Bring it on

Lost and Conshoes’d…………….

Ok so we weren’t lost in the true sense of the word but we definitely ended up going in the wrong direction -the knee-deep in mud direction. Another Sunday morning (a very misty one) out on the bikes and todays route took us down by the canal -slightly flatter than last weeks daredevil hills but lots of fun just the same. If I’m honest I know the route fairly well but we were looking for an extra loop to add on to. Thankfully a nice man came to our rescue – a nice man with a dog that really seem to like me. I know it really liked me because it ended up sat on my bike. It’s not every day you share your saddle with a golden retriever -a soggy wet I’ve just been swimming in the canal golden retriever. Bless. Anyway his owner pointed us in the direction of a loop we could add on, if only we hadn’t missed the turning. Still we got there in the end but we could have done without the knee-deep mud before we did!!

With the cycling out of the way we headed out to hunt for me some new running shoes. My physio wants me to get something with more stability. So I’ve googled various shoes and had decided just what I wanted until I got to the running shop. I know running shoes are very technical these days but the girl in the shop, in-between serving other customers- I think they were short-staffed, blinded me with science. Plus she really annoyed me though it wasn’t really her fault.

You see one of the reasons for my dodgy knee is my Nike Free Runners – I got my first pair after taking advice from the shop I was in today. Great advice – maybe not!  A warning to all runners do not buy into all this free running /barefoot  shoemalarkey if you want to run long distances -they’re no good and you’ll end up injured. My physio thinks barefoot running is a money-making con and the girl in the shop thinks the same. The girl in the shop that sells barefoot running shoes!!! Confused, I know I am. The running shop that sold me the Free Runners know they are no good so they are selling them because…….Well you tell me. So I came away without any running shoes- time to try another running shop.

14.7 miles cycled

Hoping to run 2 miles tomorrow

Bring it on

Runners, Riders and Rabbits……………….

So as promised we headed out on the bikes this morning and just for a change we got lost – even with a map. But to be fair the map was not to scale and clearly not right – it only shows the paths you follow, it doesn’t show other tracks that might confuse some people (us!) Still at least we knew where we were this time -going in the wrong direction. But every cloud has a silver lining and we’ve now found a new route to add to our collection- hopefully we’ll master the map next week!!!

Until I took up this cycling m’larkey I never took much notice of cyclists, well except when they’re hogging the road and I’m late for work – joke!! But when you look closley, just like runners, they come in varying forms. There’s the ‘lycra clad gang’ – bright coloured outfits that leave nothing to the imagination – great if you’ve got a six pack -not so good if you’ve got a beer belly or a huge arse, or both!! Then there’s the ‘off road gang’- – baggy shorts and tops, rucksack and usually splattered in mud. The ‘I’m on my way to work’ gang – shirt n tie top half, trackies bottom half or trousers with clips round – not a good look, laptop bag slung over the shoulder! Don’t forget the the ‘we’re just taking up cycling’ couple- Toys r us bikes, no helmets and no idea what they’re doing and last but not least the ‘we’re off to the bmx track’ gang. Trousers hanging halfway down their boxers, high tops, bizzarely positioned baseball hats  and bikes that are 3 sizes too small.Not sure which group we fit into really, definatily not the lasalthough I wouldn’t mind having a go!!!

While out ‘having a go’ this morning, we came across a group of club runners, a friendly lot who came out with the usual comments like ‘any chance of a lift’ and ‘nice morning for it’ but looking at them I sort of wondered just how bad do I look when out running. Don’t get me wrong I know how badly I wheeze at times and I sweat buckets even in the middle of winter- not a good look, but some of these guys looked like they were on their last legs – mind you some of them were definitely in a much older generation of runners than I am. But there’s me thinking I look like  Wakefield’s answer to Paula Radcliffe (only heavier) and all the time I look like a menopausal running beetroot – oh well, at least I’m out there!!!

So we headed home, down by the railway and nearly caught our tea, thumper – obviously dodging the train ran straight into Ernie’s front wheel  – Rabbit Pie anyone? (Louise don’t worry, thumper survived!!)

Now the hunts is on for a replacement for Boris (my bike). My work are taking part in the cycle2work scheme, a chance to get a fab bike for less than half the price – so this afternoon we went to look at various bikes. So while Ernie wandered around talking about disc brakes and Sh……….something or other gears and well, all sorts really – I’m stood there wondering if they do any of these bikes in pink or purple…………Maybe I haven’t quite got the hang of this cycling m’larkey yet!!!

10.5 miles cycled

3.9 miles run

Work in the morning

Bring it on!!!!

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