A Solar Situation…….

Wednesday and I’m contemplating a glass of wine, a large glass of wine. It’s been a long day, made even longer by the visit of a ‘not a clue what I’m on about’ Solar salesman.
To be fair, it was kind of my fault that he was here, I don’t usually fall for those that ring up to sell you stuff, but this time I did. Well who wouldn’t, Solar panels fitted free of charge as long as you return unused electric to the National Grid, it sounded plausible! It would have been if we had a roof the size of the street!!
Things didn’t bode well when I opened the door to a salesman the same age as my dad ( no offence dad) i.e. a tad old, just to add to the fun he told us he only started on Monday- joy!!
Things didn’t get any better, he didn’t know how to work his laptop, wish I’d never shown him, we had to endure a promised ‘only ten minute’ power point that lasted half an hour and the poor guy kept mixing up his transformers, inverters and his figures. Apparently 5.4 is half of 14.9…..
It got worse, hubby, who is hopeless at hiding his feelings, began to tut, sigh and stomp about, the endless spiel about how the panels, that are made in Wales unlike those cheap Chinese ones, but come from Japan,didn’t need sun only daylight and how they wouldn’t cost us a penny – yeah right!!
So after much pressing of buttons it seemed we could save a fortune, as long as we only turned our electric blanket on during daylight hours ( he really said that!!) and only used all other appliances prior to sunset!!
The nail in the coffin came when it became apparent it was going to cost us another £200 a month over the next 25 years to pay for the free panels. The salesmans reason for this -our house doesn’t face the sun. At which point hubby’s voice went up an octave as he chunttered about the not ‘needing sun’ panels and I had to retreat to the kitchen, crying with laughter. We’ll stick to mega fuel bills from now on!!!
What a day
Dressing as a giraffe tomorrow ( no really!)
Bring it on!!




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