The wrong Path and the Wrong Scene!!


In my defence I wasn’t actually lost in the true sense of the word, I knew exactly which direction I’d come from I just wasn’t sure in which direction I was going. I am blaming loosing my bearings on a hill – well you’ve got to blame something!!
You see there I was at Walton Nature Park doing my usual ‘I wonder where that path goes’ routine, and as usual it didn’t go where I wanted it to. The first path took me back to a main road, not where I wanted to be, so I doubled back and headed up a little slope I’d spotted. First problem,it wasn’t a little slope, it was just pretending to be, bad enough on foot, on a bike – no chance!! Second problem, halfway up I had to get off and push, there was no going back it was too steep. So I tripped stumbled and cursed my way up, falling over the bike as I went. Once at the top came problem number three, there was no path, not even a funny fanny path – just a steep, downhill churned up mess!!! Fab. So I slid down with my bike leading the way. At last – a path, a path for a motor cross bike – it wasn’t my day!! Still I battled on, I had no choice, it got easier, sort of!!
Next I came to a random wall or two, really strange, looked like the remains of a bridge that didn’t seem to lead anywhere, I may have to go back for another look.
Anyway, I pedalled round the ‘whatever it was’ and straight into the middle of some kids filming something – god knows what, they were all dressed in black with a pile of suitcases at the side. Whatever it was they clearly didn’t want some mad women , splattered with mud pedalling into their scene- whoops. Scene one Take two!!!
Made it home in the end
Might try an easier route tomorrow.
Bring it on!!



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