Janathon – week one done!!

Well I’ve got to say the first week of Janathon hasn’t gone that badly, granted the first 3 days were still holiday days, but since then I’ve managed to combine work and studying for my degree with 3 runs 3 x 2 commutes on the bike and a walk – not a bad start. Even better is the fact the dodgy knee is holding up, yes my hips ache, my thighs feel like they belong to someone else and I’ve got wet so many times I’m beginning to get webbed feet but its so great to be back in the great outdoors – I don’t think I’ll be renewing the gym membership anytime soon.
2.5 miles walked
First week done
Bring it on


The Twists and Turns of Janathon Day 8!


So after a successful physio session, I now know exactly what I can and can’t do with my ‘on the mend knee’, low impact is fine, try not to exercise every day (whoops!)  no running, no over doing the weights and no twisting round on one leg (like I’d do that at my age…..) I remembered for all of almost 24 hours. It’s the kids fault – during P.E, whilst demonstrating how to pivot in netball, I remembered I shouldn’t,so I asked the kids to not let me get carried away when we started playing the game (I tend to forget I’m meant to be ref!!). Did they remind me….Well they are only kids, I can’t really put my knee in their hands, though having seen some of the catching skills I’m not that sure I want to!!!!  Still all in all, despite the icy wind howling across the playground, it was a good lesson – my team won!!! (only joking!)

40 minutes of netball (counting it as a rest day 😉 )

swimming in the morning

Bring it on

Grunts Groans and Moans

So Janathon Day 3 dawned (is it really only day 3?) and with the boys out watching the mighty reds (Barnsley -in case you’re not sure) I took full advantage of some time on my own and hit the gym for a session ( I think that’s what you say!?!) I’m starting to get the hang of this gym thing now but there is one thing I still can’t get my head round – why do mean feel the urge to make the most ridiculous noises when lifting waits -its ridiculous -what does it prove? There’s the counting groan -onearrghh, twoarrghhh, and the I’ve done it groan – yesarghhhh and the ‘I’maknobheadargggh  groan, I made the last one up but you get the idea. In the end I sought refuge in the pool – I’d heard enough for one day!!

Cross training, weight and swimming done.

Off to re-fuel at the pub

Bring it on!!



The Non-running Mum on the Run…………….

Out of order!!

Out of order!!

So I’m back, a new year new start and all that malarkey. Except this year is slightly different. Yep, 2015 is my first year as an official non-runner. Its not going to be easy, running has been a huge part of who I am for so long, but 2 knee operations in the space of 15 months has put an end to my running career. Still, I’m happy, healthy and have a fab family -it’s not the end of the world -its just going to take a bit of getting used to!!

I wasn’t going to do Janathon this year, however its my motivation to stick to my physio program and ensure I fit some exercise in in-between work, my degree and my science GCSE course -I think I’m going to busy!!!

40 lengths done

gym session tomorrow

Bring it on!!

Alcoholic Assignments………………

images (2)So after three halves of lager and a glass of wine (its been a tough day, week , month, half-term) I’ve finally got an opening sentence for my first uni assignment. Strange really, when I’ve spent a sober 2 weeks staring at an empty piece of paper, with not a clue where to start – now I’m on a roll. Well I would be except I’m struggling to keep my eyes open! Still, at least I’ve started and I’m no longer filled with dread that I’m going to spend half-term not knowing what to write.

Yes, uni-life is now in full swing, it’s not easy. Juggling work, home, college and uni takes some doing, and my only means of survival seems to be running my life like a military operation. Everything we do is now on a list, calendar or random post-it note, so far it seems to be working, who knows with a little more organisation I might even get round to blogging a little more often – I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since August – maybe its time for a quick catch-up!!

Half-term is finally here, and what a half-term it’s been, frantic from day one to the end -but I still love my job! If the degree is going well, the science GCSE isn’t – just my luck to get a science teacher who knows less about science than I do. First there was the negative/positive confusion, then the anti-bodies that she called anti-biodies, and this week she had us looking for calium on the periodic table -only to realise it was a typo – we should have been looking for CALCIUM!! Still, this week was her last, hopefully her replacement will be better!!

The cycling continues and we haven’t been lost for weeks, always a good sign. I wish I could say I’m back running but I’m not and not really sure if I ever will be -surgery looms and I’m hoping for a miracle!!

Quickest catch-up ever

but there’s uni work to be done

Bring it on!!

The ‘No Blog’ blog………

Well, so much for the school holidays starting, giving me a chance to catch up on the blogging! Here we are,week five and I still haven’t started (well I have now but you know what I mean!) Any way, let’s get the excuses out of the way first.

There was the end of term madness (it gets more chaotic every year), we went to watch ‘Le Grand Depart’ in Yorkshire, I bust my knee (again), spent three weeks on crutches and am waiting to see the consultant (again), he’s not going to be happy! I ran (hobbled) a colour run while on crutches -photos to follow at some point. I’ve had lots of physio, and can now cycle on the flat (which is hilarious as Wakefield is as hilly as hell), but I smiled sweetly and promised to cycle on the flat. I spent a week writing a personal statement, I’ll tell you why if it pays off. We had a fab holiday in Ibiza (more to follow), a fortnight with no internet was bizarre to say the least and then I started to decorate the bathroom, which in true Dawn-style, turned into painting the whole house (apart from the cellar), by Friday I couldn’t move but the house looks fab!! So finally, I’ve got some spare time. In between the hunt for school shoes, when are shops going to realise that not every school kid wants to look like a TOWIE reject, and sell normal shoes, finishing my R.E planning (what do I know about Buddha!?!?) and heading to London to watch the Challenge cup final ( I hate to say this, but, ‘Come on Cas’) I promise to catchup.

How has the holidays managed to pass so quick?

Promise to get the blog back on track (again)

Bring it on!!


The Pavement Slappers Back……..

untitled1So granted I ran most of the route like I’d got one leg longer than the other, with one foot noisily slapping the pavement, but who cares. Not me, I did it, I passed my goal. I wanted to be back up to 5 miles by the end of Janathon and tonight I ran 5.7 miles, it’s fair to say I am a tad chuffed.

Two months ago I was beginning to lose hope that I’d ever get back to running any thing like the distances I had done before knee surgery. Now, well now, apart from wanting to kiss my surgeon, who said he would do everything he could to give me a chance to run and he has, a 10k is definitely on the cards. So that’s my next goal -a race, a scary thought, I haven’t done one for over 18 months but it will be my way of saying ‘look at me folks I’m back’.

5.7 miles run

one last Janathon sprint tomorrow

Bring it on

Day Four and a Trip Down Memory Lane

So day four dawned, the rainy weather continued, still I’d lots to do before my pre-tea (evening meal if you don’t do tea!) run. According to the weatherman it was going to brighten up. For once they were right. So with the shopping, housework and homework (the art project is hogging the front room) all but done, it was time to don my new running socks and that’s when the trip down memory lane began……

I clearly need to look more carefully when buying new socks, the first pair I put on were fab, granted they’re now grey from running through muddy puddles but they are very comfy. So I got another new pair out tonight. Slight problem -they must have been on the wrong rail. I haven’t worn knee-high socks since school -it wasn’t a pretty sight, I’m no Paula Radcliffe. Thankfully my running tights hid them from view. In all honesty I will wear them again but not when the shorts weather comes.

Next up on memory lane was my long since redundant Nike+ sportswatch (it never works) but with my iPhone doing a man impression and failing to multi task I decided to give it another go. For once it worked -I’m impressed but will it last? With the technology sorted just the run to get through. Finally after a year of non running I felt like a real runner again, good pace, no knee moaning and carrying on and my lungs were on fire -bliss. Granted it was only 1.3 miles round the block, but for the first time in nearly 18 months I think the comeback is well and truly on. Thankyou Jananthon.

Another short run in the bag.

Cycling again tomorrow

Bring it on

Oh My Thigh Bone is Rubbing on My Shin Bone My Shin Bone is Rubbing on My……You get the idea!!

Well on the plus side I’m fit and healthy, I have a family I love, a job I really like and although things have been toughsore-knee at times, compared to some life’s pretty good. Come this time next year there’s every chance I’ll be back pounding the pavements, whether I get back out there this year remains to be seen.

Yep  -today was D-Day at the Doctors. It’s been marked on the calendar for weeks, by the time I got to the surgery I felt physically sick. You would have thought I was about to be told how long I had left to live,not what was up with my dodgy knee. It’s probably a runner thing and possibly a thing that only other runners will understand but the thought of never running again fills me with dread. I haven’t run now (well apart from the odd sneaky go on a treadmill) since the beginning of January and it has been like mental torture -I look longingly at runners as I drive by and despair when I see people moaning on social media about not getting PB’s -at least they can run. Thankfully I’ve had Boris my trusty bike to keep me almost sane -but a 14 mile cycle doesn’t give me the buzz of a run -well it’s going to have to do for now.

So just what was the outcome, well I didn’t lay down, stamp my feet and sob hysterically but it’s fair to say I wasn’t amused. Seemingly I have a tear in my articular cartilage, inflammation under my knee cap that is in the wrong place -, although I knew that bit anyway and due to an old injury my thigh bone is rubbing on my shin bone (isn’t that a song) hence the awful noise my knee makes -still it could have been worse……

Now I’ve got to go see the surgeon and see what he wants to do, Shave my thigh bone, trim my cartilage, wash my knee out or all three -another six week wait. The doctor has his head in his hands when I left -all I asked was can I run in the meantime -if it’s knackered anyway whats a few more miles going to do…………….

Looking on the Brightside

I’ll be back fitter and faster

Bring it on!!

A Marathon Decision

sore-kneeSo apologies for the lack of any blog last week, but it truly was one of those weeks. Jack continued to be ill and I spent the week dashing between work and home to make sure he was ok. Friday couldn’t come soon enough. Thankfully Jack made it back to school today, whether he lasts the week remains to be seen.Though looking at the colour of him at the moment, the odds aren’t that good.

It’s been the London Marathon this weekend, something I’ve done a few times. I was due to run Edinburgh this year, that was until my knee died at christmas and I’ve been waiting for a scan to see what the problem is ever since. I was starting to come terms with the fact that I have probably run my last marathon. My scan results are due next Tuesday and I had convinced myself that as long as the doctor said ‘you’ll still be able to run short distances’, I would make do with that – a miles better than none. Mmmm, maybe watching the marathon wasn’t the best of ideas -now I want to run another one. If my doctor doesn’t utter the words ‘you’ll be back clocking the miles in no time’ I don’t know what I’ll do -I’m sure the doctor has experience of seeing grown women cry , but wailing and carrying on hysterically -maybe not.

Well done to all the Marathon Runners

Lets hope next Tuesday goes my way

Bring it on

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