A Sort of Rest…………….I tried, honest

Yum Yum …….Yuck!!

Well the good news is I’m feeling loads better, my head now feels like it actually belongs to me and I’m no longer seeing double -always a good sign. I didn’t quite manage the complete rest thing (well come on, when do I ever listen?) but it was a fairly steady sort of weekend.

Saturday was, as always a junior rugby day, and just for a change it was p***ing it down. I’m loving this Summer Rugby malarkey -not quite the image they sold us a couple of seasons ago, sitting basking in the sunshine watching our favourite sport. It’s more a ‘waders and waterproofs’ kind of thing. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve put the winter wear away -I  had the gloves back on this week. Even Sammy the Snail looked nafffed off as he slid across the pitch, though I’m not too sure whether it was the downpour or the realisation that the yummy grass he was trying to eat was actually plastic that was upsetting him the most. Yes this weeks opponents play on a revolutionary 4g pitch -thats plastic to you and me -not good for rugby or the local wildlife -still we won.

In complete contrast to Saturday, Sunday started with glorious sunshine and much warmer temperatures. Great cycling weather, our longest cycle to date and possibly our muddiest for a while -the recent rain had certainly softened the paths and I for one was extremely grateful. As much as I love this off- road stuff, even with padded shorts and a gel seat, some paths are downright painful. And it’s all well and good hubby saying stand up, lean back, forwards, sideways but how the hell can I hang on to the handlebars for dear life while doing all that…..I love it really!!

I sort of rested

Back to feeling normal

Bring it on

A Sporty Day Out with the Darts n Dominoes Cup…………

3 days off - wahoo!!!

3 days off – wahoo!!!

It’s a good job I’m not a girlie girl who loves to ‘shop till u drop’ and pamper and preen because in our house there’s no chance. Sport, sport and more sport -it’s all we do. Yesterday was definitely no different.

The day started with Jack’s rugby, not that the poor kid got to play. He only lasted the warm up before he turned a whiter shade of pale and needed a lie down. Whatever he’s had/got is taking some getting over. Back to the doctors again on Tuesday – we might as well have our own chairs we’re there that often ! Anyway, on the plus side Crigg won, much to the disgust of the opposition parents who clearly thought they were going to come and turn us over -they didn’t. You would have thought the winner would get a million pounds not two league points the way they carried on. I’ve seen many things at junior rugby games and to be honest nothing comes as a real shock anymore but a police Van and a car!!!Alas the guilty party had made a quick getaway along with the rest of the team -still there were plenty and pie n peas left for the coppers.

So it was home to watch the football and hope and pray that Barnsley managed to stay up -they did. It was turning into a great day. All we needed now was for the mighty Wakey to beat Catalan and it would be a Saturday to remember. Not only did we have the rugby to enjoy but Jacks team were getting the chance to parade their silverware around the pitch at half time. The only problem was that one trophy had already been handed back so we had to improvise. It wasn’t that hard, like most rugby clubs we have a variety of silverware around the place – we picked the biggest………..Shame it was for a darts and dominoes league!! Still it’s amazing what you can do with a computer,printer and laminator -no one will ever know………

Wakefield Won

It’s a Bank Holiday

Bring it on!!!

There’s Snow Way to get Warm……

Well I certainly didn’t get it wrong when I said that come Mothers Day I’d be freezing my wotsits off at the side of a rugby pitch -I’m still trying to get the circulation back some 24 hours later.It didn’t help that we hadn’t thawed out from the first rugby game before we headed to the second -it’s a good job I’m an out-door-kinda girl.

The warning signs of what was to come were there on Saturday, it was damp and cold with a sneaky wind (as my mum used to call it!!) which probably explains why the Hepworth (Art Gallery) was so full. The trouble is, not only was it full but it was clearly weirdo day -my brother and I had definitely picked the wrong day to take in the new(ish) exhibition. I thought the woman dressed as Zorro worked there but no she was just weirdo number one.There was a woman in a full on chiffon type flowing pantaloons thing (can you tell I can’t tell what she was wearing?) and I’ve never seen so many light coloured trousers, rain coats and shoulder length hair in one room (that was just the men). To be honest they kind of fitted in, some of the stuff on display was kind of weird too. Art is what you make of it but there were a couple of pieces that I couldn’t make my mind up whether they were art or something the workmen had left behind -using industrial step ladders is a new one on me. Still there were some amazing photos on show and I’m glad I went but thank god I didn’t have Jack with me -he really would have had good reason to say ‘what the chuffs that?’

So back to the rugby, as we crossed the Pennines for Jack’s game in Oldham, the snow had already fallen -lots of it. We were beginning to think it was a wasted journey -thankfully not. But boy was it cold -I had so many layers on I couldn’t move and I still shivered. But it was a great game against a very welcoming club and it will be great to play them again sometime -somewhere else where it’s not so flaming cold -Summer Rugby!!!

I wish I could say today had been warmer……..it hasn’t. What possesed me to go on my bike this morning I’ll never know (well actually I do -having got on the scales this morning I am now officially bordering on being a fat chuffer -I’m going to have to do something until I get back running!) By the time I got to work I looked like I’d had botox, my face was so frozen I couldn’t crack a smile. But coming home made this mornings efforts seem like a breeze -it was the breeze that was the problem. It was less breeze more icy howling gale -not what you need when pedalling down the riverside. And so another cycling first -the first time I’ve been blown off my bike. I knew I should have got off and walked, I knew round about the time my earlobe was touching the ground -such was the angle I was leaning at…..too late! Apparently mud is really good for the face………

So another week begins and  ‘quelle surprise’ the calendar is full -just for a change, and between the rugby games, gym , swimming and my ‘mum’ job there’s the small matter of a ‘Dance Act’ to sort. They arrive at our school on Friday and I hope the kids like them it’s been a right job getting them here!!!



I’t can’t stay cold forever

Spring is nearly here

Bring it on

Ha’pie’ Mothers Day and a dodgy knee………..

Mothers Day Lunch

Mothers Day Lunch

The joys of being a Rugby Mum – not that I’d have got a lie-in anyway, but Jack is now playing Sunday instead of Saturday. Oh well, it won’t be the first Mothers Day I’ve spent freezing my wotsits off at the side of a pitch and it certainly won’t be the last. I’m sure I can pretend that a bacon buttie at the rugby club is my breakfast in bed, trouble is we won’t make it out for a Mothers Day lunch either Wakefield are at home……Match day pie anyone!!

So another busy weekend beckons -I’m looking forward to it to it to be honest, I’m coming very close to suffering from ‘pissed off’ syndrome. No reason in particular, just a collection of things, not least my dodgy knee doing it’s dying swan act again. All I did was ask for a few miles on a treadmill and it did it’s best proffesional footballer impression and dived to the ground and rolled around like a saddo -any chance of me doing the Edinburgh Marathon in May are now well and truly gone (gutted)  Still I’ve shown it who’s boss and strapped it back in place -a bike ride beckons. I don’t give in that easily.

Roll on my Knee scan

Back running soon

Bring it on!!


Back on Boris (again)

Well Done Impact.

Well Done Impact.

Finally we did it, back out on the bikes for our Sunday morning mystery tour. For varying reasons, rugby, snow and even CBA Syndrome, Hubby and I  haven’t made it out for the last few weeks, I haven’t hit the gym in over a week either, it’s fair to say I was getting desperate to get back on the exercise wheel -it felt good. So we headed out and found yet another new route to follow, I can’t believe that I’ve lived here all my life and have never been to some of these places,either that or I’m getting to that age where I’ve forgotten. Through the woods we went, onto the lake -past the sailing club that I didn’t know existed and then back along what we thought was a cycle path -you know what thought did!! Imagine that lovely green mountain where Julie Andrews sang ‘the hills are alive’. Well it was like that only it wasn’t the sound of music they were alive with, more like me screaming as we bolted downhill through grassy field -I loved it.

It’s fair to say it’s been a busy weekend, but then when is it ever anything else? Friday night saw me out to support some of our year 5’s as they competed in the final of the ‘Future Stars’ talent show – an initiative organised by the community police, putting money retrieved from dodgy folk to good use. Bless them (our year 5’s not the dodgy folk),they’d already won £500 for the school in the heats and had a chance to win £3000 in the final but sadly it was not to be. It wasn’t for lack of trying -they’ve practised every break and lunchtime for weeks and in my totally unbiased opinion they along with 2 other acts were far better than the act that won -still what do I know. Mind you what did one of the judges know -he can’t even run our local council properly never mind judge a talent show and he had a manbag……I rest my case.

Saturday dawned bright and beautiful – at last some Rugby in the sunshine. I still had 4 layers on but it’s definitely getting warmer!! Jack’s season has now started and despite the team being rusty to say the least,they managed to win -this time last year they’d have blown the opposition out of the water but I’m sure to they’ll be back to form in no time at all. To be honest if you’d seen the size of todays opposition you wouldn’t have fancied our chances, don’t get me wrong we’ve got some bigger than average players but they were man mountains, one of them needed a shave -guess who’s shorter than short son was marking him. He’s braver than me -I’d have run in the other direction!

So now we’re back to Sunday evening -just how do we get here so quick? I still haven’t done all the jobs I planed to do but at least I’ve managed to fit a blog in, I thought I’d better. I’ve had some complaints about the lack of it (there you go Alison -you’ve got your mention!) I will try harder this week, honestly I will.

At last a bike ride

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

One Last Push…………..Go on Then

gymWahoo -at last the dodgy weather has let up and rugby training was finally back on, shame about the lashing down rain and howling gale – but hey, this is summer rugby. So now my washer is sulking due to having half a pitch sloshing around in it and Jack is sat looking well chuffed that he is finally back doing what he loves the most -boy has he missed it. Only downside of Jack training is that I would normally be out running while he trained – another reminder that my knee is still not sorted.  Looks like getting back to the power walking again next session.

Still at least there is Janathon to keep me motivated and doing stuff, today was a gym session -10 miles on the bike and 2 miles on the cross trainer all done with the gym instructor hovering round telling me I needed to push harder – I really didn’t. Seemingly he’ll be there next time I go to keep up the encouragement -I can’t wait. Can you go to the gym with a bag on your head……………….

Pushed as hard as I could

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

Does Filing Count……………….

comp39_demoNo I don’t mean filing my nails, before you ask – I wish I had it would have been easier No, I seem to have spent the majority of the day running up and down stairs transferring files from one computer to another, I wish I’d never started. My computer, where I sort all my photos (don’t worry I’m buying an external hard drive very soon) is over run with ridiculous amounts of Junior Rugby League photos. Now I did think about sorting through them and keeping the best ones, but there are thousands of them. I was so busy the second half of last season that I never sorted them properly ( I’ll have loads of time this season – this season I really am going to be just a watching mum, there’s only so many times you can get dumped on and this time I’ve learned my lesson!) So I decided the best option was to stick them all onto discs (all 25GB of them) only problem was my computer upstairs didn’t want to play at putting them onto disc and for some reason (I’m blaming the rain) I couldn’t share them on the network. So the only option was to transfer them by memory stick from one computer to another – hence the many trips up and down stairs. Still it’s all done now – nearly!!

Stair climbing hasn’t been my only exercise though I did make it onto the cross trainer -I wish I hadn’t. My knee throbbed all the way through I only managed ten minutes – I’m blaming the snow walking yesterday, I’m sure it will be fine tomorrow. C’mon knee, only four more days to go!!

3km will have to do

Bike or swim tomorrow

Bring it on

The Year of the Blog……


What a day…..

I think I’ve done quite a lot in the last year -I’ll give a full run down tomorrow. But in a nutshell, despite everything that’s come my way I’ve still made it to the end of the year smiling and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve done. I never thought at the beginning of 2012 that by the end of the year I would be cycling daily – the Olympics has a lot to answer for. But then again I didn’t expect to be dancing on the playground trying to break a world record (Olympics again) or Running ridiculous amounts of laps of the school field (sport relief) and then there was the cricket,Jack’s rugby (Yorkshire Champion again)  oh and a little race in the Olympic Stadium – what a day. So you can have my full review tomorrow.

In the meantime I hope I haven’t bored you all too much and that you have enjoyed some of my ramblings and rants – have a great new year see you in 2013.

What a year

Here come’s 2013

Bring it on


Just a quick blog as its been a long day and I’m sat here streaming with the beginnings of a cold. But the good news is Jack and his team mates have won the Yorkshire Cup for the second season in a row. I’m one proud mum .
Well done Jack
You were awesome today
Bring it on


Good Luck Lads

Tis the night before the BARLA cup,club badge

And all through the club.

Not a sound can be heard,

Not even a rugby ball thud.



The kitbag is all packed,

 And ready to go.

The matchday jumpers are hanging

All neatly in a row.

The U13’s are fast asleep,sleeping_clipart-thumb

Tucked up tightly in their beds.

All with Lance’s game plan,

Going round in their heads.

dreamThey dream of a fantastic season,

And all that they have done.

Some super team performances

And the trophies that they have won.

So just a few more hours to go now,clock

And then the time will be here.

You’ll walk out onto the pitch,

To the sound of deafening cheers.


So good luck for tomorrow,

You done so well to get this far.

Crigglestone all Blacks U13’s


crigg team

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