The Three R’s…….. Rain, revision and can’t Be aRsed

Ok it’s two R’s not three but you get the idea. Anyway first of all apologies for a lack of blog yesterday, I just couldn’t be bothered. Due to recovering from this food poisoning malarkey I still haven’t got anything to log, plus it wanged it down so I didn’t have much to blog about either. I did lots of revision for my looming maths exam (first one is tomorrow – eek!) , I rested, those horse pill antibiotics have knocked me out and that was that!!
Thankfully today the sun shone and I felt less tired, we had a ride out to Holmfirth to see where the Yorkshire part of the Tour de France is going, and watched in awe at those pedalling up the mini mountains – I think I’ll stick to mountain biking!! Can’t wait to see the pro’s do it come July.
Hoping to start Juneathon tomorrow.
Better late than never
Bring it on.


Neigh Idea What To Write………………….

writers-block cartoonI think my doctor has confused me with a horse, he must have done, those pills can’t be for a human!! Yep, we’ve finally got to the bottom (no pun intended) of my mystery illness. It seems I have food poisoning, and as I have now had the same symptoms for eight days, it hasn’t been pleasant, I now need antibiotics to get shut once and for all -fab!!

Still on the plus side I now have a flat stomach in eight days instead of 30 -who needs the 30 day ab challenge? Though it has to be said, in one of my hours of boredom, there have been many. I read a very interesting article about the 30 day ab challenge, and there was me thinking my pot belly was due to my love of ginger nuts and hobnobs. But no, the fault lies with the challenge, according to the article all it creates is a bad back and pot belly, it did make sense, though it took a long time to get to the point!!

Another plus is I’ve had time to get my part-time University application filled in, all was going well until I got to the personal statement part, so far I’ve got an empty page, I think I may need another week off!!!!!

I’m sure I’ll think of something to write soon.

I’m sure my Juneathon will start soon

Bring it on!

A whiter shade of Pale…………

Don’t worry, I am not about to burst into a Procul Harum song (still no idea what they were singing about!) it’s just I am no longer grey looking, more washed out, I’m finally over the worst (PLEASE) and on the road to recovery. It’s a good job really, I’ve got cabin fever. I don’t do sitting in one place for any length of time (about 30 5 minutes). Still at least feeling a little better meant I could potter, so here’s a nice little gallery about what I’ve been up to.


Yep, I ironed,slept,booked some train tickets,slept, revised, took some pics of the birds I spotted on the feeder,slept, got bored, revised again, slept, did some R.E planning for work, slept. It’s hard work being ill!!

On the mend

I’m sure the ends in sight, should be able to start Juneathon soon

Bring it on!!!

Trotting along nicely……..not!!!


So day 2 of Juneathon, day four of the trots – it’s really getting beyond a joke now, even I’m running out of things on the bright side to look for. I can’t even start my 30 day ab challenge my stomachs that sore, not that I’ll need to, if this carries on much longer I’ll be like ‘Starving Marvin’ by the end of the week!!
Still on the bright side ( told you I’d find one) and with work out of bounds, in-between the snoozes and trips to the ladies I think I’ve finally got my head around stratified samples and histograms – whether I remember it tomorrow remains to be seen. I hope I’m trot free next week or I may need a cork to pass these maths exams. 💩

Lots of up and down stairs,but still no exercise!!
Hoping for a better nights sleep tonight.
Bring it on!!


The Wrong sort of Run…….

225393_168219363237585_1514274_nSo the first day of Juneathon (jog, log and blog for a month) and things haven’t exactly gone to plan. To be honest it’s been a week of things not going to plan, after all the lovely spring weather we’ve had Spring bank arrived and brought with it rain, lots of rain. Not that I mind going out in the rain but it never let up, the walks, bike rides and time playing out with my camera didn’t happen. Still on the plus side (every cloud has a silver lining and all that!) I have got plenty of revising done for my ‘getting ever close, eek, maths exam.’ Hence the complete lack of a blog -well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!

Come Friday the weather picked up and with Jack out footballing with his mates I had a chance to catch up on some me time and play out -well I would have done except that didn’t go to plan either, I was doubled up with stomach pains -joy!! Little did I realise that things were going to get a whole lot worse. I wish I’d never rang the out of hour number for a doctor, before I knew it I was in an ambulance and on my way to hospital, seemingly the symptoms I had (I won’t go in to them they were gross!) flashed up emergency on the operators screen. Still I’m home now, I’ve been struck down by some dodgy bug, hopefully the medication will calm things down soon, at this rate I’ll look like anorexic twiggy come my summer holidays -who needs weightwatchers!! Just my luck that my very first run of Juneathon is the wrong sort of ‘run’ I will catch up when I’m better -honest.

Not one of my better days

Hopefully these dry crackers stay down..

Bring it on – as oppose to back up 😉



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