ITB ,You’re Killing Me………………

Well at least it was a better day – unlike yesterday I didn’t feel the need to poke someone’s eyes out before the school bell had even rung – always a good sign. An even better sign considering the lack of sleep. My knee-cap clearly doesn’t like being put back in its place – but tough it’s staying there. I’ve got a marathon to run next year.

Anyway I cycled to work and back with no problems, I’ve done my exercises and Ernie has ‘massaged’ my ITB ,he’s now sat with a black eye – I couldn’t stand the pain!!  Only joking about the black eye, but boy did it hurt – I think he’s in the wrong  job!

In between all of that Jack uttered the ‘can you help me with my homework’ words. Brill. The science saga continues- thankfully after a bit of asking around the ray diagram is complete. Is it right – who cares. He’s done his best for the best part of three hours – has he taken in any of what he’s written…………………………..

Cycled no problem

Might try the Cross-Trainer tomorrow

Bring it on


Well he didn’t quite utter the ‘you can run’ words, but it wasn’t all doom and gloom either It’s a good job really as it had already been a shitty day – 99% of the time I love my job – today I could have walked away. The poor physio was very close to having a wailing wreck on his table before he’d even done anything.

Yep, today was the day I was getting a 3rd opinion on my now ‘more than a niggle’ knee. Three opinions, three different outcomes but I’m going with the 3rd one as he clearly knows more than the first 2 put together. (I think!) So I no longer need to wait six weeks for a referral the treatment has already started. Seemingly my left knee-cap is in the wrong place,my legs out of line and my itb is too tight – are you keeping up……..oh and my right bum cheek muscles are weaker than the left and I might have a dodgy gait – he hasn’t seen my front gate how does he know it’s dodgy (joke!!). and although I have lots of well toned leg muscles I seem to have a missing muscle above my out of line knee-cap – glad it was only a niggle!!! 

When he said my knee-cap needed manipulating back in place I thought wahoo a few days of work getting treatment and then a bit of pampering……….Er no. He pushed it across with his thumbs and taped it in place with the biggest roll of  elastoplast I’ve ever seen – ouch!!  Now I’ve got a list of exercises to do, hubbys got to work on my it band (a-hem!) the more bruises the better apparently and then I’ve got to go back next week for more manipulating…….I’m already counting down the days.

The good news is I can still cycle and use my cross trainer and in time I may well be able to run – just how long is ‘time’?!?

Feeling much happier now

Cycling with an inline knee-cap

Bring it on



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