A Strange Being in Asda……..Me!!!

Maybe we should change the name of Janathon to dodgyweatherathon, waking to torrential rain and howling winds was not what I wanted to hear when I had a bike ride planned -so much for setting the alarm for 8 o clock. Thankfully come lunchtime the rain had stopped and the sun was shinning, the wind was still blowing but in the name of Janathon I was going to risk managing to stay upright. Even better, why not kill two birds with one stone – I needed to nip to Asda for some art homework supplies for Jack (these collage creations are bloody expensive !!) so why not cycle there and back, only four miles not the eight I had planned but it all counts.

The good news is my iPhone mapped my route,I managed to stay upright and even better I now look ten years younger (slight exaggeration but any less is not funny!) such was the force of the wind my eyebrows are now in my hairline. Downside, the previous nights  non-stop rain meant I was cycling through a quagmire (it was bloody brilliant -had I have been a kid I would have ‘got well done’ as my 13-year-old would say, for being so mucky!) my bike weighed twice as much when I got back, I now have half of Pugneys (local water park) stuck to my wheels.

Still it was all good fun, though I could have done without the strange looks in Asda -have they never seen a woman in cycle gear shopping before. Granted I was a bit mud splattered and left a trail of muddy footprints as I walked but I was just shopping like the rest of them, glad I didn’t have a ‘Big Shop’ to do!!

Nearly four mile cycled

The knee seems to be coping

Bring it on

A Walk a Run and Why is My iphone so Dumb?

So I’m sat here a little annoyed. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve run and walked today but my stupid iPhone died mid run (again) so now I’ve no idea how far I went (it wasn’t far!) or  how fast. I suppose it doesn’t matter on either count as for me it’s about getting back from injury, the distance and pace will come later -maybe Sunday!! (I’m joking -honest)

Anyway, I’ve decided my iPhone’s a man -it can’t multi-task to save its life. All I asked it to do was map my run, play some music and take the odd photo, half a mile, 3 photos and one Take That track later it had given up. Which kind of buggers up my plans for this years blog as I was going to take the occasional shot of where I was so you could share my route. When I’m walking taking the camera isn’t a problem, and I can probably put it in my rucksack when cycling ,don’t think hubby will be too chuffed with me stopping every two minutes though! But I can’t carry it when running -looks like me walking round all my running routes to take photos first -maybe you could just imagine where I am -I’m good at descriptive writing!!!

Still it did feel like a good run, and the walk wasn’t bad either. In complete contrast to yesterday we had sun and blue skies, the housework would have to wait the outdoors beckoned. Well it did once sleeping beauty a.k.a Jack had risen from his pit – he really is going to take some waking come school on Monday. So early afternoon ( yes he really did sleep that long) we hit the local nature park and had two hours of outdoor heaven -still not too sure whether the abandoned railway line we climbed up to again is actually abandoned but I haven’t seen a train yet!!!

A run, a walk

Might do the bike tomorrow

Bring it on

The Bikini Dog and some Contact Issues………..

So thanks to english speaking James (!) finally our shiny new phones are working – it took until midnight to sort them (or so we thought) but finally this morning I was back in touch with the world. Phew. Getting in touch with other people though was slightly more complicated than I expected.

It’s the iPhone 4 we’ve got, you know the one, you talk to it and it does as you ask. Well it didn’t make the breakfast or iron the school uniforms – so whats the point in that!!! But joking aside, nor did it send the text I asked it to. If you want it to do that you have to be in a sound proof room so that it doesn’t keep getting distracted. You see while I was telling it to text hubby to say ‘I’m telling the phone to text you’ ( sad I know but the novelty will wear off soon!) Jack was behind me saying something about his ear really hurting (to think I nearly sent him to school and it turns out he’s got an infected ear drum – what a shit Mum!) Anyway the text Hubby got said………..


‘Okay your bikini dog collocational if it up’

Bikini Dog

Mmm, not quite what I said and it’s so wrong cos ‘bikini dog’ is not a collocation (I know –  I googled it!)  Hence one very confused Hubby – but on the plus side at least it went to the right person and it brightened my Monday morning up – don’t usually do hysterical laughter on a Monday, hysterical crying , now you’re talking!

It was only when I got to work did I realise that there seems to be a problem with my contact list – Hubby’s contacts were on it too – why don’t they use normal names. So I deleted slugger, bagger, fathead and all the rest and thought the problem was solved. unfortunately, due to the magic of  icloud (like raincloud without the r-a-n!) I’d managed to delete them off Hubby’s phone too – whoops. Now that is clever. Anyway it’s all sorted now thanks to iHelp (like help but with an i) and I’m doing nothing else until I’ve read the iManual ( like manual but……….I think you get it now!)

Anyway, iThink (see what I did there) that it’s all going to be just fine and its nice to know that there’s someone else in the house who listens to me just as much as hubby – ie, not at all!

Technology – fab when you understand it

I’ll have the hang of it by tomorrow

Bring it on



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