Eye-pad Art…………..

IPad Art.......

IPad Art…….

Is it really only Tuesday? We must be due a half-term soon, feels like we’ve been back forever!! I’d forgotten just how tiring working and Janathoning were – still only 23 more days after this.(Janathon – not work!)  It’s been another very busy day (still no class teacher), but the good news is we had an iPad artist in today – no really. And to be honest I wouldn’t have believed some of his stuff could have been done on an iPad until I saw him in action. This guys amazing, but even more amazing was the things he got the kids to create and as I can’t wait for the next session I’ve spent he last hour drawing an eye on Jack’s iPad.( see picture -yes I drew that!!!) It’s not what I was meant to be doing – I’m  supposed to be reminding myself how to do addition and subtraction of decimal numbers.-It’s not that I don’t know how to do it,but the way I do it and the way we teach it in school are two completely different things -we didn’t do the horizontal method – first time I heard that I thought I was in the wrong lesson. I’m sure it will all be fine tomorrow!!

At least going to work and back on my bike meant Janathon was done pretty easily today, even though the cycle lane was packed.Lots of people have clearly got new bikes this christmas, shame they didn’t think to get some high viz clothing, helmet and lights as well – I wonder how many weeks it will be before I’ve got the lane back to myself again!!!

Day 8 done

more cycling tomorrow

Bring it on

Hikes and Bikes…………….

So we’re  home and having clocked up 20+ miles of walking in the last 3 days – not bad for a first attempt at a walking holiday with a 12 year old in tow – time for a rest. Well at least until the morning when the bike beckons!! At least Hubby and I have one outdoor interest in common (ok – it’s only the second time we’ve been out together but it defo won’t be the last!) Unfortunately Hubby doesn’t share my love of walking/running in the same way I can’t stand his love of playing golf – boooring!

Hubby arrived in Hathersage last night and we had a great meal(another one!) before settling down to watch the rugby (we have rugby in common too!)  on the ipad -no sky TV in the pub – thank god for the ipad. Cue some very strange looks from the locals – Friday night is rugby night in the Earnshaw house – no matter where we are!!! So this morning we had our last breakfast, fed the goats and pigs one last time and packed up to head home via a stop off in Castleton so I could take some pics that I didn’t get a chance to do earlier – unfortunately although I got the pics I didn’t get to walk the route I wanted. Hubby’s Adidas trainers weren’t really up to scrambling up a rocky path – did he wear them on a purpose….. Mmmm, maybe. But then if he tried to get me to play a round a of golf I’d probably turn up without any clubs so fairs fair!!!

Just like Hubby though I now have a choice of which bike to ride – although both mine can both do more than one thing!!! Strange thing is I nearly chucked my now nearly new bike out last week – it was one of hubby’s cast off’s and had clearly seen bet a days – however apparently it once was a bloody good  bike………………I wasn’t convinced especially as it’s a Peugeot (didn’t know they made bikes as well!) However after a couple of hours of  ‘TLC’ it looks amazing so hopefully I will get on with it better than I did Peter (nasty Peugeot car I’ve just got rid of) Watch this space……

Fab Holiday in the Peak District Done

Playing out on my nearly new bike tomorrow

Bring it on

ps some of my photos to be added tomorrow!!



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