Eye Survived……………

miffy bikeWell I made it, work and back on the bike completely incident free. I didn’t slip on the frost -it was that nice white stuff you can see, not the sneaky black patches like yesterday. I didn’t get any mud in my eyes -I had my cycling glasses on and I haven’t put any more holes in my cycling tights -result!! 5 more Janathon miles done, despite the niggly knee they’re adding up nicely. Hopefully next week I’ll get back swimming as well, this first week back at school has been one busy week -that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

5 event free miles

the weekends nearly here

bring it on!!!

Eye Knee’d to Start Again…………..

Well its a good job I’m not one of those people who goes in for this ‘New Year -New Start’ malarkey as frankly the first few days have been somewhat of a disaster. not that it’s going to change anything – life’s what you make it and I’m all for looking on the brightside -well I would be if I could see, my left eye is full of goo. This time I can’t blame the class lurgy for giving me conjunctivitis -I got some muck in my eye while cycling and for some reason my eye didn’t like it -can’t think why!!

It’s the keeping fit side of my life that seems to be the cause of all that’s going wrong at the moment. If it’s not ba21385d enough that my niggly knee gave up on the 4th day of Janathon, now my other knee’s got the sulks as well. Mind you I suppose I’d be sulking if someone had dragged me across the tarmac (well gravel – Wakefield’s roads are a right mess!) at 30mph. Yep you’ve guessed it. my bike and I have been travelling in different directions again.Although this time I wasn’t knocked off, I fell off.-much to the amusement of two council workmen coming in the opposition direction.The first frosty morning of the year and guess who found the icy bit – Bolero on a bike without the music and purple chiffon! Once the council workmen had stopped laughing they did ask if I was ok.,which I was. Well apart from the holey cycling tights,holey gloves and a knee-cap that looked like it was about to give birth to twins -boy did it sting when I got in the bath. Still I managed to cycle home – safely and hopefully that’s my three disasters out-of-the-way and I can finish this Janathon thing in one piece. How many days are left…………….

5 miles cycled

1 mile sliding across the floor

Staying upright tomorrow

Bring it on.



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