Jan ‘Hula’thon…………..

Normally around about now I’d be warning you about the rant to come, but for once you’re relatively safe. Jack’s parents evening went pretty well really. Don’t get me wrong it’s not the school or the staff that I have an issue with (not all the time anyway) it’s the whole system of levels and targets that is so flawed. If you achieve a target  a new one should be set -that’s common sense but not for our ridiculous education system where you can only show a certain level of progress for each school year -if you go above that then its hardlines!! Still Jack’s doing well and that’s all I needed to hear.1397435_girl_with_hulahoop

The downside of going to Jacks parents evening was it messed up my planned Janathon activities (pft) – I didn’t have time to fit a walk in after work so  I intended to walk this evening -only the big freeze has arrived -bigstyle! The only way to get off our street is to crawl on hands and knees -not a good look. So I had to resort to the cross-trainer which I used to love but now it’s bloody hard work -hubby’s amazing diy skills (he’s rubbish!) mean it’s stuck on level 8 -ouch!! Still I manged 10 minutes, did a weights session and lasted all the way through ‘happy hour again’ (housemartins) with the hula hoop. Now I can’t move……..

All in the name of Janathon!

Hope I can move tomorrow

Bring it on

Big Roll, Big Hole, Big Dance

No running pre work today, but a workout session, weights bands and my new mega Hula -Hoop – best thing I’ve ever bought. I can definately feel it working. Ten minutes, every day rolling it round your stomach and five days later the results are showing – I think. I  seem to be  getting more of a pot than six pack shape but I’m sure it will level out (I hope) if I keep going.

A lousy weather day today, non-stop rain. Great- just what you want when you need to dig a hole in the garden. Yep today we buried Fluffy( family Guinea Pig) well I did- no one else was daft enough to go out and get p*** wet through. What should have been a sombre occasion turned inot hysterical laughter. Primak Ugg boots are obviously not the best thing to wear when digging a hole,one minute the spade was in the hole the next I slipped and it was inches from my head – whoops!!

As it was a rest day today, tonight saw me learning some more of the ‘Big Dance’ that not so easy contempary number we’re doing at school as part of the Olympic celebrations. Three minutes of it I can do now-only two to go. Unfortunately the last two minutes are the roll around the floor minutes – now I might get down but the chance of me getting back up anytime before the Olympics start………………………

Nearly a rest day

Running in the rain tomorrow

Bring it on

Queen of the Hula Hoop………………Ouch!!

So despite another child free day – I am so bored when I have nobody to play out with – I never made it out for a sneaky run. I have, however caught up with some of the mundane things like ‘Asda Big Shop and ‘Mega hoover session’, yaawwwnnn- can’t remember them been listed in my wedding vows, how did it come to be my job….. Oh aye, I remember, its cos I’m a girl. Pft!!!

Anyway, today hasn’t been a totally exercise free day. I’ve been up and down our 3 flights of stairs countless times with hoovers, swiffers, mops and cloths and pushing the trolley round Asda wasn’t exactly a walk in the park – wish I had of been walking in the park – that’s what we need – an outdoor supermarket!!I’ve also practised a bit more of this dodgy contemporary Olympic number for ‘Big Dance Day’ I’m looking quite good now if you close one eye and squint a bit!! But best of all I’ve treated myself. Clothes… No.   Shoes….. No  Make-up…. No. I’ve bought a hula hoop (not the crisps). Yep, having read some of my Facebook friends reviews I’ve taken the plunge – does it work. Well after a 10 minute workout it hurts to breathe, yep it works. Six pack in six weeks, well if today is anything to go by come my holidays I’ll have a figure like Jessica Ennis but with a wrinkly face and bingo wings- Can’t have everything I suppose!!

Early blog today as we’re taking advantage of being child free and going out- grown up going out, not an 11 year old in sight, can’t remeber the last time we did that!!!

On the way to a six pack

Maybe running tomorrow – depends how many wines I have !!

Bring it on

Ps link to my Olympic Park Movie




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