The Foggiest Fun……………


So I was up and out by 5:45 this morning and just for a change – it was foggy. It’s bad enough being a blind runner(no contact lenses) without the fog hampering things – maybe that’s why I waved at a complete stranger that I thought was my husband – at least now I know why he didn’t wave back!! I’m quite good at mistaking my husband for other people/things. He still hasn’t forgiven me for getting him mixed up with the wheelie bin – the bin didn’t wave back either. I was quite naffed off when hubby didn’t wave back this morning and chuntered all the rest of the way home – then I opened the front door and he was still sat on the sofa- whoops. Glad I didn’t blow a kiss or the random stranger might have got the wrong idea!


It wasn’t just my eyesight that wasn’t working properly this morning. My amazing Nike+ sportswatch (it never works) was playing up too. I know I’m on a comeback from injury but I knew I wasn’t doing 11 minute miles, and I can’t blame the dodgy average pace on pressing the pause button because it had me going slow before I’d even dared to press the button- flaming thing – in the end I ran 2.4 miles in 20 minutes, not bad really.

My reason for pausing the watch was to stop and take a photograph – a strange thing to do when it’s dark but some views are worth sharing, so now I’m thinking where else I can run for more of the same. Maybe I better put my lenses in though or god knows what I’ll be photographing……..

Another run, another bike ride

Less fog tomorrow

                                                                         Bring it on



Honest,It Wheelie Looked Like Him…………………………

So I did it, despite nearly rolling over and hitting the snooze button, I managed a pre-work, 6 a.m run. All 2.7 miles of it. It’s been a while since I’ve been out so early, I’d forgotten just how hard it is getting out there.I’d also forgotten how blind I am running without my contact lenses. So blind I’m pretty sure I could qualify for this Paralympic blind football thing – some of them are partially sighted, in fact as I’m sat writing this the guided running is on Channel 4 – I think that’s what I need – a guide.

 For those who read my blog back in January you’ll probably remembering me chasing an athlete that turned out to be a pelican crossing , tripping over a dog and falling flat out on a pavement while running blind. Today I took it to a whole new level, I confused my hubby with a wheelie bin!! I ran the last few metres up the street and saw what I thought was hubby sorting his bike out (yes he’s cycling to work too) so I waved to him and he didn’t wave back -‘ miserable git’, I thought, fancy ignoring me!! About four doors from home (yes my eyesight is that bad) realisation dawned – it wasn’t him it was next door but one’s flowery painted wheelie bin – whoops. Even before his weight loss he wasn’t wheelie bin shaped. Oh well at least I made it round without falling over.

Early morning run done

Running with eyesight tomorrow

Bring it on!

The North Wind doth Blow, And We Shall Have Snow and What Will the Runner Do Then….Er Run

So after last nights clear skies and the expectant frost I dived out of bed, donned my running gear, thermals and all, and flew out of the door for my early morning  run. Wish I’d looked out of the window first (not that I’d see anything with my contact lens free eyes). Where was the frost? None, just a light drizzle and a sneaky wind! Somewhat overdressed, I was sweating before I reached the end of the street. Still as it was only a short run and I was pushed for time, I decided not to de-layer and carried on. The rain got heavier and so did my fleece, great!  Then the snow came, flew into my face for the mile back home and then magically stopped as I reached my front door, amazing!!! And has it snowed at all for the rest of the day …………….has it chuff.

The plus side of running early, especially on a Friday, is that I get to sit and relax slightly earlier and enjoy some TV. So I’ve g0t my martini (anytime,any place, anywhere) and the hubby has just put a great programme on. Bullseye…………….Look at what you could of won!!!! I can feel another run coming on…………..

Janathon day 27 done, 2.2 miles in 18 minutes, 18 seconds, 132 miles now run.

Janathon Day 28

Bring it on!!!!!!!!!



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