Does Cleaning Count………


Just a quick blog as its back to work tomorrow which is going to be a killer having been off for the best part of seven weeks, and there was me saying I’d only need a few days off after my op-how wrong can you be? Still, I’m heading in the right direction now and will be glad too be back, though right now the 5:50 alarm is filling me with dread, I think it might be a short gym session after work tomorrow!!!

Anyway back to today and in between the ‘cleaning the house from top to bottom cos I’m going back to work’ (why do we do it!?!), I sneaked in a steady 40 lengths at the pool, I would have liked to have done more but with the knee twinging I thought better of it.  (see I really have changed -this time last year I’d have carried on anyway!!) If only cleaning counted as exercise, I could’ve have logged a bit extra!!

40 lengths done

gym and work tomorrow

Bring it onzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

P.S does anyone know of a device you can wear to measure how far you’ve swam – I keep losing count!?!?!


February 1st My First Day of Rest………….Whoops!!!

restAt last, after 31 days of non stop exercise, it was time for a rest, even better, it was a Saturday -sleep in time!  Ok, Ok I own up -I failed. I’m blaming the weatherman. It was supposed to be chucking it down and blowing a gale. It wasn’t, the sun was out, the bike was calling. Come nine 0 clock we were pedalling through the local nature park, it was bliss, muddy, but bliss.

Just a short one we said, 13 and a bit miles later we were back, it could have been worse we very nearly carried on to twenty -sense prevailed in the end.

I would like to say that I then laid on the sofa all afternoon and chilled ………………………………………………………………………

Ok you got me, I didn’t do that either. I’ll try better tomorrow -Honest!!!

13 miles cycled

120 crunches

100 squats

2 staircases hoovered

3 rooms cleaned

beds changed

A rest day tomorrow

bring it on!!!

Janathon Day Six and the Suicidal Cheese Sauce

So the first full week of Janathon commences, as does work, college, a training course, the healthy eating plan and the 30 day ab challenge (what was I thinking!!) and the other million and one jobs that a working mum has to do -easy!! Come six this morning, I was up and getting ready and come six thirty the tea was all but ready to go in the slow-coCleaningClipArtoker – I am trying to be organised. Alas there are always things to get in the way, not least the jar of dolmio lasagne cheese sauce that picked today of all day to have a suicidal moment and dive of the pantry shelf – before I could yell noooo (like a jar of cheese sauce is really going to take any notice!) there was glass everywhere and sauce splattering every surface -fab!!

Come 7:15 I was frantically sweeping up broken glass, mopping stone steps and cleaning the walls of quickly congealing cheese sauce, still the steps are lovely and clean now and the lasagne became bolognaise which has fewer calories anyway -every cloud has a silver lining and all that ………….rubbish!?!?

I did think about logging ‘frantically mopping’ as todays Janathon activity and not bothering with a run but after the first day back at work I was ready for it. I’m so glad I went -it may have been p**sing it down (again), blowing a gale (again) and my thighs were still on fire (again) but I loved every minute of it. Keep everything crossed that my need holds out because I think my running mojo is making a comeback!

2.5 miles in 22:41 minutes

Early run in the morning

Bring it on

Utter Madness Continues………

Well little did I know that when I mentioned that my life is utter madness at the moment, things were about to get even worse! It was lunchtime Monday and having nipped out of school,there I sat at the orthodontist watching Jack turn a whiter shade of pale as he had the first part of his brace fitted (poor kid -broken ankle, new brace. It really hasn’t been his week) when a text came. To be fair it is a message work have been waiting for for months now, but with only 2 weeks left until the ‘big holidays.’ We all wrongly assumed it wasn’t going to happen. Whoops!!

Yep, the hottest day of the year and the ‘Big O’ was heading in our direction, bliss. Still 48 hours later we had all survived and we seemed to be fortunate in having an half decent inspector (if you can have such a thing) on the premises, even if his name rather ominously started with the word kill!!!

So now the weekend is looming, the forecast is looking good and the houzzzzzzzzzzework may have to wait another week ( I have done 2 hours worth tonight -thats 2 rooms done, 5 rooms and 2 staircases to go!)Plus I  need to get packed -I’m on a school residential next week. Three days of zip-wires, climbing and canoeing – can’t wait!

Busy Busy

Even Busier Next Week

Bring it on

Catching up with the Catch-Up……..

Well I’ve got to say I’m so glad it’s Friday tomorrow – the weekend is nearly upon us. hallelujah!! It’s been a funny week, I’ve spent most of it trying to catch-up with all I didn’t  do at the weekend – and I’ve failed – badly. Don’t get me wrong, the ironing mountain has vanished and I can nearly (very nearly) see the kitchen table. But thats it. I still haven’t read the Sunday papers – not much point now, the ironing basket may be empty but the wash basket is overflowing and the dust under the sofa keeps waving at me – brill. Just where is the housework fairy when you need her?

The weekend is nearly upon us

duster at the ready

Bring it on




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