It’s an Open Air Gym…….so Why Don’t People Use It?

A Great Idea...

A Great Idea

So we were cycling along the canal path this morning (times are changing -hubby getting up on a Bank Holiday!) when I saw something that got me thinking -hard to believe I know!! Anyway, as we got to one of the locks a British Waterways van (except it’s not British Waterways anymore but you get the idea) was parked there and on the side it had the slogan, ‘It’s an open air Gym’ complete with photos of people running along side the canal. (See pic). What a brilliant idea and so true. In fact I’m surrounded by this ‘Open Air Gym’ idea. Woodland walks, canals, reservoirs, even the remains of a castle and before you ask I don’t live out in the sticks, I live in a city. A city that has currently got one of the fastest growing rates of obesity in the country -makes you think. (That’s twice in one day). In reality getting fit costs nothing, you just put one foot in front of the other and head out of the door -simple. No need for a gym membership, just a good pair of trainers. So why aren’t the NHS making the most of whats on offer and encouraging people to get out there and use it……..just saying!

Still, it was a great cycle ride, lots of sunshine and loads of boating enthusiasts splashing about on the water -anyone remember the corny song from the Hoseasons advert -it was just like that. The only downside was the ‘fanny path’, you know the kind I mean -up,down,up,down and no amount of padding does anything to save your lady bits -still no pain, no gain, though I’m not too sure what I’m gaining.

Another 13 miles cycled.

D-day tomorrow I’m off to see the surgeon.

Bring it on

Messing about on the water………

Well laying listening to the rain last night I was pretty certain I’d be cycling in my waterproofs this morning. It didn’t just rain it hammered it down – the joys of having an attic bedroom. You hear every flaming raindrop – another sleepless night- fab!! Still come this morning there was blue sky and just one dodgy looking cloud. I was pretty certain the cloud would empty the minute I stuck my cycle-helmet out the door. But for once I got away with it……….Till I cycled home.

With the running ban still in place I decided to add a couple of extra miles to my route home, it was a glorious afternoon, you’ve got to take advantage when you can (plus the housework was waiting at home – it can wait!). Anyway I headed down the side of the railway line towards the river with the wind blowing in my face and a steam train puffing alongside me – no really. Trouble is I heard the train before I saw it – its bloody whistle scared me to sodding death – nearly a ‘tena lady moment’. Thankfully I composed myself enough to give the driver a friendly wave – with my right hand, I’m still a bit wobbly if I let go with my left, and pedaled on my way. It really was lovely – my only mistake – well I should have taken last nights rain into account and avoided the path nearest the river. It was more of a hoseasons boating holiday than a bike ride -I’m sure you remember the jingle… 

‘Now is the time to drop us a line For your Hoseasons boating brochure We’ve got all kinds of craft that’ll suit you just fine For messing about on the water. Sail-boats, canal boats, and cruisers too, All Britain’s waterways waiting for you So now is the time to drop us a line For your Hoseasons boating brochure!

It wasn’t so much of a puddle – more a non-stop lake – it was ace. I was soaked, mud splattered from head to toe – another wahooo moment. Thankfully there was no one around to hear – but boy did I get some weird looks when I cycled through Asda car park to head home!!!

Bikes drying out

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on



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