Horsing Around on the Railway Ruins………Maybe!

Ok so it’s not the warmest of Easter holidays but it’s dry and bright and in the Earnshaw household that’s all that’s needed. As long as we’re outside we’re happy – well Jack and I are – hubbys working! So today Jack and I headed down to Walton nature park for coffee and cake by the water’s edge (well a Kit Kat Chunky – but you get the idea) and a chance for a play about with my camera. That created another first for me -photographing horses. I didn’t realise horses do facial expressions -other than long ones -but they do, and just like humans if you shoot in black and white (is shoot the wrong thing to say when talking about horses) they look even better -really!!

With the camera work done, well I could have gone on but Jack was clearly getting bored, we headed off on another magical mystery tour -why do I do these things. Before I knew it we were sat under a railway bridge – a high bridge – looking out over Wakefield -bliss. to be honest once my legs had stopped shaking the views were amazing. Then we found a way up onto the bridge to find what we think is disused railway, but not knowing for sure I didn’t dare go onto it. We came home to see what information we could find. So like a true saddo, I’ve spent over an hour trawling through websites and forums dedicated to abandoned railways -yes people really do post on these forums, there are photos and everything!! Not that I’ve managed to find out whether it is disused or not but I’ve found some that definitely are. Guess where we’re going tomorrow?!?!

A lovely day out

Heading to the railway ruins tomorrow

Bring it on



Day 7……………..Lost!!

Wahoo, its the weekend, chance for a lie in and time to do a longer run. (11 miles)  Plans changed early on today when my running partner picked up an injury on the dreadmill and was unable to run. (Fingers crossed she recovers soon). So just me and my ipod today.

Plans changed again when I decided not to run where I’d planned but in the opposite direction in search of a new route. I soon realised I’d picked the wrong route (lost my sense of direction if I’m totally honest) when I found myself at the bottom of the dreaded Pineapple Hill. Pineapple Hill is one of those hills that goes on forever, its hard work in a car and in nearly six years of running I’ve given up at every attempt. But today I made it, my new motto, ‘if you don’t give up you cannot fail’ got me to the top. Unfortunately once i’d made it to the top I kind of forgot where I was, so apologies to any driver who wondered why some mad woman was jumping up and down and punching the air, but I was chuffed. Downside of making it up the hill was that I’d still another 6 miles to go and I was knackered. Oh well!

So I plodded on, and decided to run back through the village of Heath, thats when I got lost again. Mainly because I expected the view of Wakefield to be in front of me and it was to my right, thankfully a nice villager pointed me in the right direction and I was back on track in no time.  Running out of town makes for better views and at times traffic free roads not to mention the roaming horses and had I realised the horses were attached to long leads I probably wouldn’t have screamed quite so loudly when one galloped towards me. Whoops.

Janthon Day 7, 12.1 miles in 1:48:05. Bring on Day 8


http://youtu.be/kZlXWp6vFdE if you need some inspiration.



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