Lost – part 1274, Lazy and Lax


Ok, Ok so maybe I/we haven’t been lost over a thousand times but I/we  seem to be averaging once a week of late -though to be fair to hubby I am way better getting lost than he is. Todays ‘lost while cycling’ look was 100% hubbys fault though. His ‘we’ll take this path because then we’ll end up on the main path’ suggestion didn’t go to plan. Not only did the path go on forever, it was another bumpy ride, not just tree roots, but streams and trip traps bridges that I expected a troll to leap from under at any minute. I wasn’t happy, especially when we ended up nowhere, or so we thought, having looked at the map since ,we weren’t that far from civilisation! So the only option was to pedal through the hay fever fields ( you know – that yellow stuff that makes you sneeze!) more bumpy pedalling – joy. Still on the plus side we added another two plus miles to our route it wasn’t all bad. Might even do it again next week as long as I can strap a cushion to my saddle!
So after a busy day yesterday today was a bit of a novelty day – thanks to Easter there was no junior rugby,time for a lie- in. Wahoo!!! So why did I wake up at 8?!? Still coffee and a good book meant I didn’t get up till 9:30 that must count as a lazy morning?
No rugby also meant I had time to do a proper Sunday Lunch, with all the trimmings. I even made desert – not so much of a lazy day after all. In between the cooking there was maths swotting to be done – reflections,translations, transitions and orders of rotational symmetry. Deep joy, it should have been easy, it wasn’t. Some muppet at the proof-reading factory had clearly been asleep on the job – the questions were wrong. Wrong orders, wrong vectors, wrong directions – even I know the difference between clockwise and anti-clockwise (just!!) wrong, wrong wrong. I’m not happy. The books are in a heap in the middle of the kitchen table – I’ll go back to being lazy. For now!

Quiet Sunday
Makes a nice change
Bring it on.

Just where does the time go………


What with half term and all I’m not really sure how I’ve failed to blog for the last fortnight, as apart from the demolishing of wardrobes, re-decorating a bedroom, putting up new wardrobes (well hubby did) sorting stuff to go back in the new wardrobes, trying to de-clutter (big fail), swotting for and taking two (yes two) mock exams and a three-day trip to London. I haven’t done that much really!! Still I seem to have some time now. Granted it’s Sunday evening, I haven’t done any of the jobs I wanted to do this weekend and another busy week at work is looming (pancake races, World Book Day and a day and a half with no class teacher) but hey just what would I do if I wasn’t so busy………

I’ll try to blog more this week

Really I will

Bring it on

Day Four and a Trip Down Memory Lane

So day four dawned, the rainy weather continued, still I’d lots to do before my pre-tea (evening meal if you don’t do tea!) run. According to the weatherman it was going to brighten up. For once they were right. So with the shopping, housework and homework (the art project is hogging the front room) all but done, it was time to don my new running socks and that’s when the trip down memory lane began……

I clearly need to look more carefully when buying new socks, the first pair I put on were fab, granted they’re now grey from running through muddy puddles but they are very comfy. So I got another new pair out tonight. Slight problem -they must have been on the wrong rail. I haven’t worn knee-high socks since school -it wasn’t a pretty sight, I’m no Paula Radcliffe. Thankfully my running tights hid them from view. In all honesty I will wear them again but not when the shorts weather comes.

Next up on memory lane was my long since redundant Nike+ sportswatch (it never works) but with my iPhone doing a man impression and failing to multi task I decided to give it another go. For once it worked -I’m impressed but will it last? With the technology sorted just the run to get through. Finally after a year of non running I felt like a real runner again, good pace, no knee moaning and carrying on and my lungs were on fire -bliss. Granted it was only 1.3 miles round the block, but for the first time in nearly 18 months I think the comeback is well and truly on. Thankyou Jananthon.

Another short run in the bag.

Cycling again tomorrow

Bring it on

A View From All Angles…………..

So Jack’s been back at school one whole day and here I am, back on BBC Bitesize, reminding myself how to do something before I help him. Amazingly, for once I am not moaning, angles of polygons are clearly my thing. Not only do I now know how to do them but I also passed the test yourself bit – the GCSE test yourself bit. Chuffed -not kidding. So chuffed that I’m now looking at sine and co-sine, there’s no sign (a-hem!) of me getting it any time soon. But then again I never got it at school. Though, to be fair, there wasn’t much chance of us getting anything seen as our newly qualified teacher spent most of the lesson locked in the storeroom -my parents really did send me to the nicest of schools…..Not!!

Jack has clearly been investigating angles other than those of a polygon, seemingly triangular angles. At least that was the shape his hand gestures were making as he proudly explained why his new Maths teachers nickname was ‘Titanic Tits’ Day one and I’m ready getting that sinking feeling!!

Normality (madness) returns

Queen of Angles

Bring it on

You’ve got to Hand It To Him………….


So finally I did it, took a break from the blog – Ok its only been a few days but having blogged daily for the last 400ish days a few days definitely counts as a substantial break. To be honest I don’t think I could have fit it in any way, in true Dawn style I’ve been busy, busy, busy. I seem to have got through loads of stuff yet there’s still loads to do. I never thought getting better deals on everything from insurance to the gas bill would take a whole afternoon, but it did -and that was just the quotes. Then there’s been the clearing Jack’s room to decorate afternoon -now the rest of the house is in turmoil. Add to that the start of Super League -another afternoon gone (wasted if I’m honest Wakefield were pants), the usual gym,swim and rugby training trips and that was another weekend done. Week days have been a mixture of going to work, planning for work and the never-ending helping with homework – just how many projects can one child get, don’t they realise he’s got a History test to revise for. So it’s official I am now an expert on the English Civil War. The only way I can help with revision is if I know what they’re revising about and as I seem to have forgotten all I learnt at school I’ve been doing a bit of swotting – it’s a good job I did. Don’t get me wrong I’m pretty impressed by Jacks knowledge on all that went on with Charles 1, but I really don’t know why he thought the Arch Bishop of Canterbury was called BRIAN…..Still at least he redeemed himself with his art work (he drew the hand)  -pretty impressive even if I do say so myself!!!

Busy, busy

Hoping to be less busy tomorrow

Bring it on


It’s not How You start it’s How You Finish…….

The Finished Product

The Finished Product

Well I did as promised and headed into Wakefield to try to finish the crimbo shopping -I failed, but more because I forgot rather than couldn’t find a few things. I knew I should have made a list! I took advantage of the nice weather and walked into town -it was a lovely walk and yet another of those times I wished I’d taken my camera. But then I would have never got any shopping done. It wasn’t the view that made me long for my camera -spectacular as it was but the remnants of the night before laying on the pavement for all to see – the half drunk bottles,empty glasses and a random ‘Banana Man’ costume – someone must have had a great night and a cold walk home!!

It’s been a day of finishing things off really,the ironing (thanks hubby) the housework and Jack’s english and art homework. I hope they don’t get any for the crimbo holidays  -we all need a rest. I think he’s quite enjoyed his English – not that he’d ever admit it, but ‘write your own ‘Mr Men’ story has definitely grabbed his attention. So now we have a new version ‘Mr Punch’ a nasty little fellow who goes round…….you’ve guessed it -punching everyone, that is until the other little Mr Men show him the error of his ways -sorted!! Then there was his Art – do your own version of M C Esher (never heard of him – actually I had once I looked at his stuff! ) taking into account his use of doors, arches and staircases. Doddle -maybe not! ! Jack knew what he wanted to do -build it in lego – great idea -until we realised how long it was going to take. We’ve improvised -it’s been like a Blue Peter Project (Kids programme for those not living in the UK) in our front room for the last 3 weeks, all I can say is thank god Ernie’s better at arty stuff than me -I just like looking!! Anyway with a little help with the tricky bits (a-hem) it’s finished. I hope Jack gets a good grade or his Dad will cry!!

Nearly finished what we started

Back to work tomorrow

Bring it on

Weather Men get it Wrong…….Again!!

Despite it being a Monday morning within 5 minutes of the alarm going off I had stripped the bed and loaded it in the washer – I was definitely on the ball. Alas the weatherman was not  and last nights forecast was a complete balls up – not once did he mention rain or even a ‘ickle chance’ of it. So why 10 minutes after loading the washing machine was it hammering it down…….Great. Still there were signs of blue sky, shame they didn’t appear until after I’d cycled to work!!

Mind you I got just as wet on the ride home – another’ hoseasons bike ride’, it was ace.I don’t think the passing dog walker could believe what he was seeing – a grown woman pedalling through puddles at breakneck speed – I suppose me ‘wahooing’ didn’t help. But we all need to let off steam now and then….

Once home I re-draped the almost dry washing over the soon to come on radiators and had another attempt on the cross trainer….Well I was no worse than yesterday, but no better either. Maybe it just needs breaking in a bit – I can’t have lost all my fitness so quickly – or maybe I should have let my legs recover from the bike ride before jumping on. But I wanted it out of the way so I could get on with the housework. I’d just lugged my Hoover up 2 flights of stairs when Jack uttered my favourite word in the whole wide world ‘homework’.

To be fair he’d  done most of it (online Maths!!) but was stuck on the challenge- which they don’t have to do but he seems to be after brownie points (swot) He didn’t tell me it was probability – whats the probability of me ever understanding probability – zilch. But wait…….I got it, no idea how and I will  probably never do it again but for once I was a homework help not a hinderance. Now whats the probability of me finishing the housework…..

7+ miles of puddles splashed through

A steady walk tomorrow

Bring it on!!

N.R.T , S.H.T and R.C.B or in English – I’m Bored…………..

I’m Bored

Well it’s only my second full day of no exercise and to be honest I’ve lost the will to live (slight exaggeration but you get the idea!) I can’t do ‘doing nothing’, I’m rubbish at it. I’m an ‘always on the go’ type of girl and I don’t think I’ll ever change. By 10:30 I’d stripped and washed the beds, put the beef in for tea (I like to cook it slowly)  and cleaned out two cupboards .But was it the same as going for a run or a bike ride. Erm let me think…………….No!!

To be fair we’d already decided to miss this mornings cycle as we were going to look at ‘more’ bikes. With the death of trusty ‘Boris’ on Wednesday and the horrible ride on ‘Mavis’ on Thursday the hunt for a replacement is urgently on. We were pondering me having hubby’s bike (the one I fell of on Friday) and hubby getting an all singing all dancing souped up number (don’t ask). However my cries of ‘why can’t they sell new Boris’s?’ in Halfords yesterday must have struck a chord with Hubby – we never made the trip to the ‘all singing all dancing’ bike shop – he’s found me a new Boris on the internet – he’ll be here later this week. At least the N.R.T (no running tension) lifted for a while.

Trouble is this afternoon I got hit by S.H.T (shit homework tension). Yep Jack’s school is at it again, meaningless projects that have little or nothing to do with the subject or even worse projects when they need info they haven’t been taught yet – what’s going on. “So what have you learnt about vitamins so far?” I asked (this is science – make a leaflet for a doctor’s surgery on vitamins!!) Er, we haven’t actually done anything on it yet Mum, came the reply – Brill!! Geography – list your favourite things then find out where they were made, what the work and living conditions are like in those places and compare them to similar work environments in different countries, er……………? What the capital of Sweden Jack – not a bleeding clue – now that’s Geography!!

Now I’ve been hit with R.C.B (Ryder Cup Boredom) just how many different rounds of golf can we have. We’ve had two-ball, four-ball, fore-play, doubles and singles (guess which one I made up) and still it goes on. To make it worse the smarmy Americans are winning, Hubby’s on the edge of his seat and Jack’s letting me down badly by showing an interest. God I need a run.

I’ve been a good girl and rested

Back on the bike tomorrow

Bring it on!!!

Home Before the Clock Strikes Twelve……..Nearly!

Now the last time I came in at silly o clock and my parents were sat looking at the clock in disgust I was about sixteen so it’s not the kind of thing you expect when you’re 41 – whoops!!! Yep, last night we finally got to have a ‘real’ night out – just grown ups, no kids, rugby players or other rugby parents in tow – it was  great. A lovely meal, a few drinks in the pub and a quick drink back at our friends house before heading home. It was the final quick drink that did it, that’s when I lost track of time…………….I know that 1:45 isn’t that late for some people, but usually I struggle to stay awake past ten o clock, and my last words as we headed out the door at seven was ‘we won’t be late’, meaning, see you about midnight. Now, I remember thinking at half eleven we better get a taxi soon, I don’t remember, however, doing a damn thing about it………………Sorry Mum n Dad. x

So after an extremely late night (for me) why did I wake up at 8 this morning, I just couldn’t get back to sleep. Why couldn’t I be like hubby, who slept till ten and has hogged the sofa for the rest of the day. Sometimes, there is a lot to be said for being a man. So with Ernie snoring on the sofa, it was down to me to help Jack with his homework. Homework that turned out to be a project that he should have done with his mate – they have had two weeks to do it – how much had they done…….bugger all – brill! So I’ve spent the afternoon playing historian – thank god for the internet. Yep we spent the entire afternoon doing the one thing I don’t allow my class to do when we’re researching something – cut n paste. Even then it’s taken forever and how Jack managed to slope off and play out without me even noticing, I just don’t know. Anyway it’s done now, but if he gets anything less than a level 6 his teacher really will be history.

So now we’re watching Wendy-ball which is so exciting I keep looking at the inside of my eyelids, don’t think I’ll be seeing 10 0 clock tonight.

Great Night Out

Why is it nearly Monday already?

Bring it on


WARNING – Ranting Again……………………Only a little one – for now!

Apologies for the late blog but I’ve been finishing off my son’s epic homework – yep you remember, the Life n Times of Muhammad Pbuh. To be honest any one who’s daft enough to stand in a cave claiming to hear voices doesn’t deserve much of a write up – but then that’s my opinion. So what has my son learnt tonight – sod all!! Sorry I’m ranting again, but I would happily spend hours helping Jack with English, Science or any other subject that he sometimes struggles with. But the best part of three hours researching and writing about a guy who’s story changes from one the website to the next is a joke………

Deep breath, thankfully I’d had a run tonight, not a very good one, I felt knackered, don’t think Juneathon is going quite as well as Janathon, but a run’s a run. Without it I think I’d have been writing a three hour letter to Jack’s R.E teacher instead of complying and doing the task in hand.

Anyway, sorry for the short blog but it’s way past my bedtime, I’ll never be up at six in the morning if I don’t get some ZZZZ’s in soon.

Homework Finished

Any R.E homework sent home tomorrow

Bring it on

(but we won’t be doing it!!)


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