A Few Days Away……………..

So we’re back from a few days in York, and despite the freezing wind and Jack getting diagnosed with suspected glandular fever (make no wonder the poor kids been knackered all the time) the day we were due to leave, we’ve had a great time. If you have never been to York I can definitely recommend it -it’s an amazing place with loads to see and if you love all things historical, it’s a must.  Also there are loads of weird and wonderful people to watch -if I had been there on my own I would have taken loads of shots of people -maybe next time.

To be honest I was pretty disappointed with most of the photos I took in York.The thing with photography is it takes time and as a beginner -loads of practise, to get the right shot. Which is all well and good if you’ve only yourself to worry about but I really don’t think Jack and hubby would have appreciated 5 hours in the National Railway museum as I tried to get the best shot of the Flying Scotsman (whats left of it -they took it apart years ago and seem to be struggling to get it back together) so in the end I abandoned that idea and took some random shots of different bits of trains -it sort of worked. I did manage to capture a ghost in the castle museum and got a great shot of a perfect replica of my mum and dads 1980’s kitchen -gross .What were you thinking of mum and dad?!?!

A great few days away

The end of the holidays is nearly here

Boo -please don’t bring it on!!

Home Before the Clock Strikes Twelve……..Nearly!

Now the last time I came in at silly o clock and my parents were sat looking at the clock in disgust I was about sixteen so it’s not the kind of thing you expect when you’re 41 – whoops!!! Yep, last night we finally got to have a ‘real’ night out – just grown ups, no kids, rugby players or other rugby parents in tow – it was  great. A lovely meal, a few drinks in the pub and a quick drink back at our friends house before heading home. It was the final quick drink that did it, that’s when I lost track of time…………….I know that 1:45 isn’t that late for some people, but usually I struggle to stay awake past ten o clock, and my last words as we headed out the door at seven was ‘we won’t be late’, meaning, see you about midnight. Now, I remember thinking at half eleven we better get a taxi soon, I don’t remember, however, doing a damn thing about it………………Sorry Mum n Dad. x

So after an extremely late night (for me) why did I wake up at 8 this morning, I just couldn’t get back to sleep. Why couldn’t I be like hubby, who slept till ten and has hogged the sofa for the rest of the day. Sometimes, there is a lot to be said for being a man. So with Ernie snoring on the sofa, it was down to me to help Jack with his homework. Homework that turned out to be a project that he should have done with his mate – they have had two weeks to do it – how much had they done…….bugger all – brill! So I’ve spent the afternoon playing historian – thank god for the internet. Yep we spent the entire afternoon doing the one thing I don’t allow my class to do when we’re researching something – cut n paste. Even then it’s taken forever and how Jack managed to slope off and play out without me even noticing, I just don’t know. Anyway it’s done now, but if he gets anything less than a level 6 his teacher really will be history.

So now we’re watching Wendy-ball which is so exciting I keep looking at the inside of my eyelids, don’t think I’ll be seeing 10 0 clock tonight.

Great Night Out

Why is it nearly Monday already?

Bring it on




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