Not So Arty Earnshaw……

Look Mum - a Tit.......

Look Mum – a Tit…….

So for the first time in nearly a week I ventured out today – a walk to the local art gallery with Jack. It didn’t really clear the head the way I wanted it to – but it was good for both of us to get some fresh air. I think Jack enjoyed the fresh air more than the art gallery – it clearly isn’t his thing. We didn’t go with the intention of having a look round, I wanted to go into the shop, but once there Jack wanted to go look upstairs,not at the art -he wanted to look at the view out of the window!!

To be fair to him he did give viewing the exhibitions his best shot – but did he really need to declare “what the chuff’s that meant to be” quite so loudly. Thankfully he didn’t shout out what I knew he was thinking (Is that a woman’s tit?) when we came to a Rebecca Warren piece. I suppose it was my fault for asking what do you think this one is before I’d actually looked at it properly -it just looked like a pile of clay from one side!!! Gave us a giggle while we had our coffee and cake though – he loved the coffee shop!!

Well it was nice to be out

Braving Christmas shopping tomorrow

Bring it on

Swimming, Dancing, Raining, Running, Flashing

So I finally seem to have shaken off the school lurgy – having the trots all weekend was not really what I intended, another wasted weekend with no running – well not the running I wanted to do. Still sometimes it’s a case of getting on with it. So today, despite feeling a bit drained I still made it to school – can’t let the kids down, especially on my favourite day of the week – swimming day. To be fair I’m starting to get quite attached to my little group of swimmimg bricks – they really are starting to become less brick more breeze block – there’s a definate improvement and I’m chuffed with them. So chuffed that I nearly came to blows with a know it all instuctor/lifeguard who dared criticise. I haven’t had her before and she sat up on her perch rolling her eyes and tutting at everything I did. Even having a go for one of my group not getting her head in the water- it took weeks to get her in the water – I’m not pushing  it. So at the end of the lesson I explained to ‘perch woman’ why I was happy for said swimmer to not have her head in the water. Her reply ‘ I teach swimming every day of every week I know what I’m talking about’ My reply I teach these kids every day every week, I think I know them better than you’ One to me I think – she’ll be off her perch if she starts next week!!!

I felt much better after swimming , and happier, as feeling better meant more chance of me finally getting a run in. Hurrah. So it was early tea then an hours dancing – yep I finished teaching myself the Big Dance – Yay, and I’ve re- jigged it – no more skidding on my knees and rolling round like a beached whale – well be fair-  by the time I get my niggly knees back up the Olympics will be over!!! 

So finally. after three days, I was free, running  – like a real runner -in the rain enjoying every minute of it – well nearly every minute of it. Only in Wakefield, on a main road in broad daylight can you run past some fat chuffer happily flashing his jelly belly at passing traffic while swigging on his special brew – who needs the Hepworth to look at!!!

4.175 mile in 34 minutes and 14 secs

Not bad for a pretend runner!!

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on



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