Back to Reality, But What Fun We’ve Had…………………….

So that’s it, back to work, the holidays are over – well unless you’re Jack, he’s off until Wednesday. But what a fab holidays it has been and some of the best things we’ve done have been free (some have been mega expensive as well- still reeling from the cost of drinks at Shrek the Musical!) Building swings with rope and catapulting – free, Walking in the Peak District – free. Bike rides by the river – free. Building a den – free. Hepworth Gallery – free. Hyde Park Live – free, Olympic Marathon – free. Trains to and from London – not quite free but well worth it!!!

I don’t really know what the best bit was. The Olympics and Paralympics were fab, the atmosphere, athletes the whole thing – an experience I will never forget for so many reasons. Our traditional 4 days in London to watch the challenge cup was, as usual, great fun and we saw even more of  our capital city – still so much we haven’t done though, I’m sure we’ll be back again soon. Then there was our trip to Hathersage, the walking animals, caves, food – we’ll be going back there as well. In all honesty I can’t name a best bit, I’ve loved every minute of it art, play,family time – just what the doctor ordered.

Now reality bites, back to school and for the second time in 12 months into a class room that’s had a re-furb – brill. Still if you’d have seen the place this morning and then this afternoon, you wouldn’t have believed it was the same place. Looks like a busy few weeks ahead – good job I love my job, it’s great to be back .How many weeks to haf term……..

What a six weeks

Reality Bites

Bring it on

Hikes and Bikes…………….

So we’re  home and having clocked up 20+ miles of walking in the last 3 days – not bad for a first attempt at a walking holiday with a 12 year old in tow – time for a rest. Well at least until the morning when the bike beckons!! At least Hubby and I have one outdoor interest in common (ok – it’s only the second time we’ve been out together but it defo won’t be the last!) Unfortunately Hubby doesn’t share my love of walking/running in the same way I can’t stand his love of playing golf – boooring!

Hubby arrived in Hathersage last night and we had a great meal(another one!) before settling down to watch the rugby (we have rugby in common too!)  on the ipad -no sky TV in the pub – thank god for the ipad. Cue some very strange looks from the locals – Friday night is rugby night in the Earnshaw house – no matter where we are!!! So this morning we had our last breakfast, fed the goats and pigs one last time and packed up to head home via a stop off in Castleton so I could take some pics that I didn’t get a chance to do earlier – unfortunately although I got the pics I didn’t get to walk the route I wanted. Hubby’s Adidas trainers weren’t really up to scrambling up a rocky path – did he wear them on a purpose….. Mmmm, maybe. But then if he tried to get me to play a round a of golf I’d probably turn up without any clubs so fairs fair!!!

Just like Hubby though I now have a choice of which bike to ride – although both mine can both do more than one thing!!! Strange thing is I nearly chucked my now nearly new bike out last week – it was one of hubby’s cast off’s and had clearly seen bet a days – however apparently it once was a bloody good  bike………………I wasn’t convinced especially as it’s a Peugeot (didn’t know they made bikes as well!) However after a couple of hours of  ‘TLC’ it looks amazing so hopefully I will get on with it better than I did Peter (nasty Peugeot car I’ve just got rid of) Watch this space……

Fab Holiday in the Peak District Done

Playing out on my nearly new bike tomorrow

Bring it on

ps some of my photos to be added tomorrow!!

Hathersage Holidays……




So here we are in sunny Hathersage, it’s amazing that such a short journey from where we live is such a fantastic place. It didn’t feel so fantastic when I was lugging the baggage a mile and a half uphill to the B&B – I’ve now got one bicep bigger Than the other, bet I can’t move in the morning!!

Still once we got here all the lugging was worth it- the views are amazing- I could sit here all day watching the world go by. We watched the uphill cycle club and the downhill club – know which I’d prefer!!!

Once unpacked we headed back down the hillside to the outdoor swimming pool. I wish Wakefield had one. Not sure how the budgie smugglers and flowery swim caps would go  down in Wakey though!

So the walking starts for real tomorrow- if there’s no blog tomorrow I’ve had the map upside down Wish me luck!!

Arrived safely in Harhersage

Walking in the Peak District Tomorrow

Bring it on



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