A Tight Situation………….

Well there was definitely less fog and very little rain – I was finally in with a chance of getting to work still relatively dry. Except I decided to test out my new cycling  jacket – it clearly wasn’t as cold in temperature as the weatherman predicted. By the time I arrived at work I felt like I was wearing a sauna suit – not a good look. It took me nearly two hours to cool down. My overheated state wasn’t helped by a bit of a tights dilemma – top tip when buying tights make sure you pick the right ones up. I clearly hadn’t. I didn’t even know they did tights with built-in fat pants for size tens but obviously they do. But just how the hell are you meant to get in them and why does the fat pant bit come to just above your knee. It’s a good job I wasn’t wearing a short dress! Still I think I’ve lost about 3 inches off my thighs they’ve been squeezed that tight all day.

So with work done it was time to cycle home but I’ve got to say it was a bit of a hard slog – I think the ‘at last the half term is here’ syndrome has kicked in. Yep for the third tea time in a row I found myself nodding in the chair, not good. Still I’ve got the day off tomorrow – a whole day to myself. Mmmm what to do?

4 miles run 7 miles cycled

a rest day tomorrow

Bring it on



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