Back to work In The Morning……….Nooooooooooo!

Just a little bit of mud.....

Just a little bit of mud…..

So that’s it, the holidays are over, just where did those two weeks go? The list of holiday jobs is still a list of jobs, I didn’t really do any of them. It’s the weathers fault, I’m not going to stay inside when the sun is shining, I didn’t stay inside on the days it wasn’t shinning either but I’ve got to blame something. On the plus side the cars clean, the garden walls are painted, the fence is painted, the windows are washed, the bird feeders are re-stocked, the lawn is re-seeded, well it was until the birds ate the seed, they clearly didn’t understand me as I pointed to the feeder! It’s fair to say that I’ve been busy. I still managed to find time to get the bike out but what a difference a couple of days can make.

Thursday it was a sunny day by the canal/river, a lovely, if somewhat muddy, ride out to Dewsbury, except I took the wrong turn and ended up near Mirfield. Never the less I did, as I always do, and found my way back. twenty miles done. I then, not on a purpose honest, ended up running 8 miles with my friend, we just sort of forgot that adding a different bit on would make it a longer run -whoops!! Still I was pretty chuffed, I haven’t run that far in a long long time. Friday I couldn’t walk, my legs felt like they weren’t mine, I had no control over them, I gave them a day off. Yesterday, in complete contrast to Thursday, it wanged it down, back to cycling in a mudbath. Two and a quarter hours of splashing through freezing cold puddles, not another cyclist to be seen (can’t think why) and just as we got back the sun came out!!

Today, in-between trying to pretend I haven’t got a hangover, I’ve been getting the work/school stuff sorted -boo! why can’t the holidays last forever? Can’t complain though -its only 3 weeks and 3 days until the next one. Is it worth going back………..

Over 1oo miles cycled

20 miles run

Going back to work for a rest

Bring it on!!















A Non-drip Iron…………………..Maybe Not

trafficjamshutterstock_74043355So another weekend is almost over and yet again I’m sat here wondering where it’s gone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a busy one (when is it anything else) but does it have to go so fast. Granted most of Saturday was spent in an alcoholic haze, I didn’t have a hangover, mainly because it was dinnertime before I started to sober up, but I sure as hell knew I’d been out. Yep, Friday night was the staff Christmas night out and yet again I sort of forgot  I’m not 21 anymore, too much dancing and far too much crappy lager (just how are they allowed to sell dishwater!) didn’t make for a lively Dawn. Not a good move really when we were heading to the rugby world cup – still I am proud to say that I was a member of the last man standing gang again so it was worth it…….I think!!

Yesterday we were Manchester bound to watch Australia and England (a girl can dream!) New Zealand play at Old Trafford, seemingly half the population of the UK were heading in the same direction. What should have been an hours journey took well over two, good job we set off early. Still it was a great afternoon out and I am now officially a world record holder – granted so were the other 75,000 people in the crowd but I can now add being part of the largest ever crowd at a rugby league World Cup Final to my other claims to fame (singing at the Royal Albert Hall and having one of The Brotherhood of Man as my babysitter!!)

So after a well deserved lie-in it today was ‘time to catch-up with the housework’ day -all was going well until the iron spluttered its last puff of steam and died -joy. So a quick trip to Homebase was called for, all was going well, I picked a new iron, paid and was back in the car within ten minutes. Then I realised my jeans were soaked (no I’m not at that age yet!!) there was water dripping from the box. So back in I went, the box was opened and it appeared someone had obviously  tried the iron, decided they didn’t like it and returned it -shame they didn’t think to empty the water out first. Shame some one managed to put it on the shop without realising it was leaking – still I got a fiver off for my trouble!!!

Another Weekend gone

Back to work tomorrow

Bring it on (!!!)

A great start and a little consellation………

Spotted in the night sky...

Spotted in the night sky…

So considering we didn’t get home until silly o clock on Sunday morning after a Saturday night at the local beer festival, I was pretty impressed when at 5:45 this morning I dragged myself out of bed to go for a run. By seven the washing was on the line, the bolognaise was in the slow cooker and I even cycled to work – great start to the week. Come ten o clock I was in desperate need of caffeine, and my healthy lunch was not really what the ‘you’ve over indulged doctor’, ordered!Still, I did get to spend the best part of an hour staring into space – literally! Yep the plus side of working in a school, you occasionally get the chance to just sit. Today we got the chance to lay -star spotting in a Planetarium. It was fab, I stayed awake -just and pretended that I really could see the bear and the swan and even the upside woman on a chair. Truth be told I could have laid there for the next month and still not made them out, I don’t think I ever will not unless the star fairy joins the dots up some time soon!!!

Not a bad start to the week

Off to spot some stars

Bring it on!

Janathon and on and on………


Well firstly let me start by wishing you all a ‘Happy New Year’ and I know I promised you a review of all I did in 2012 but I didn’t get to bed until the early hours and I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. On the plus side although it was a late night it was a sober one – a night on diet coke meant I was fresh and raring to go for day one of Janathon (is it really a year since the last one!)

Maybe raring to go is a slight exaggeration but by 11 o clock I had done 3 miles and was busy cooking breakfast for the more hung over one in the house (Ernie not Jack) -it was much better weather to start this Janathon than the last one, last year it was pouring rain -today glorious sunshine. Lets hope it keeps up. I didn’t see many others out there this morning, apart from the few that were clearly just on their way home – it was the staggering and the smell of stale beer that gave it away. Mind you I didn’t see anyone when I went out for my walk this afternoon either everyone is clearly suffering or they prefer the sales to tramping through mud by the canal side. Give me a good old walk any day.

3 miles run, 2.2 miles walked

First day of Janathon done

Bring it on


Saturday Nights the night for…………….

So it’s Saturday night, hubbys out painting the town red (lads night out!) and I’m sat in with Jack, a bag of peanut M&M’s and a glass of snowball – such an exciting life I lead!! To be fair I’ve already been out – tea with my big bro at the chinese ‘all you can eat’ buffet. Due to my brothers amazing skills with a car park ticket machine it’s a wonder we’re not still there. First he couldn’t find the ticket then he stuck it in the bit thats for paying with a credit card …………… five minutes later after having instructions in many languages the penny dropped!! Nice meal though.

It’s been a bit of a funny day really Jacks rugby game kicked off an hour and a half later than usual meaning there wasn’t much time to do anything before or after. My washing machine is having a mid life crisis and keeps forgetting what it’s doing – so thats 2 of us in one house – not good! My whites took 3 hours and the coloureds 20 minutes. God knows how long the rugby kits going to take. Still at least Jack’s team won – another great team effort,lets hope for more of the same next week.

Will Hubby have the hangover from hell tomorrow?

Will I wind him up if he has

Bring it on

Back in Time……………….

To be fair the Golden Wedding wasn’t a bad night out, granted it would have been nice to hear some music post 1950’s and when a dude called Glenn Miller got up to I did start to wonder if we’d actually travelled back in time ( he was quite good though – even though he didn’t play in the mood!!) But all in all a good night was had by all, I’m not quite sure what the oldies thought of my Song n Dance number to ‘Mack the Knife’ but I’d had four halves of lager by that point – I was passed caring!!

It was the lager that put pay to our planned early morning cycle, we were all for it when we first woke, but then the hangover head kicked in -hubby was worse than me, he felt unable to walk in a straight line never mind pedal. In the end I went out on my own while hubby ironed – can’t wait to see the creases in my trousers tomorrow. The bike ride was fab, Boris – now with newly fitted mega tyres is one awesome machine. I went through ever mud patch and puddle I could find add to that the glorious sunshine and views around the river and flood plains and the hangover was soon a distant memory.

So once back home it was time to get ready for our second outing of the weekend – a family meal to celebrate my mums 70th birthday – usual loud affair but then there are 14 of us, bit hard to be quiet. It was also another chance to get a picture of the Grandkids – we don’t get them together very often what with Uni, work etc. We have tried and failed to get a picture when they are all looking at the camera – oh well, there’s always christmas.

Family celebrations Over

Back to school tomorrow

Bring it on


Shopping, Cycling and Shite Service…….

So the Rugby part of our weekend is over and judging by the massive hangovers on show at breakfast this morning a good time was had by all. The rugby lot have headed home and we’re having a couple of days taking in some more of what London has to offer.
Today was shopping day- time to hit the posh shops! We decided to head to the all singing, all dancing newly built for the Olympics, Westfield Shopping Centre. It’s an amazing place. Four floors of shops, cafe’s, restaurants, Cinemas and a casino. Did I buy much- 2 pairs of running socks- what a Saddo!! Mind you I’m not as sad as Jack and Ernie. Maybe it was the viewing of the Olympic Park from the now free viewing platform in John Lewis'(£2 each when the Olympics was on!) that inspired them, maybe it’s Ernie’s rekindled love of cycling. But they now own a replica (!) Velodrome- scaletrix style!! It’s bloody rubbish, make no wonder it was slashed to £20. Yep they spent an hour this afternoon re- enacting the Olympic Cycling. I’m banned, within one lap I’d killed Sir Chris Hoy- straight off the track and into the wall- whoops! Boys and their toys.

I do need to say that although Westfield had an amazing atmosphere, made even Better by the athletes wondering around pre Paralympic games.It’s not the same as heading to Oxford Street, Carnaby Street etc. Think we might have to head there tomorrow. Looks like another busy day, we’ve got Tower Bridge, Covent Garden and Shrek the Musical to fit in!!

So we ended the afternoon with a trip to TGI Fridays. Top tip, don’t go – its crap!! Mass produced food at inflated prices with useless waiting staff – well some of them are. You’d think it would be obvious that when 3 of us are sat at a table then serving 2 meals is not quite right. I know I’ve over eaten in the last few days but I don’t look like I need to skip meals just yet!! Then there was the ginger ‘ I’m on leave from performing arts college’ slightly tubby waiter. ( think overweight Bonnie Langford only camper!)I could just about cope with the crappy American accent- but when he started strutting his stuff to George Michael- well, and his rendition of Happy Birthday- glad it wasn’t my Birthday!

fun in London

Even more fun tomorrow

Bring it on




Sleeping Beauty Wakes up Feeling Grumpy!!!!

Well when I said I was having a sleep in I wasn’t kidding – 13 hours I slept. So much for me nipping into town while it was quiet – waking at 11:30 doesn’t allow for that!! So did I awake feeling refreshed for the weekend ahead ……… er no. I awoke with the hangover from hell – only not a drop of alcohol crossed my lips last night – strange. Still everybody has told me I’ll feel better for it tomorrow – can’t wait!

So I haven’t done anything that I had planned other than sort out the rugby kit for tomorrows final – and that was a lot harder than it should have been – how the lads manage to lose so much kit between taking it off and putting it in the wash bag is beyond me, but they do. Some of them are going to have to breathe in tomorrow if they want their kit to fit.

Waking late meant I never got chance to run today either, which kind of means that Juneathon has gone out of the window as I’ve only run twice since we got home. But what with rugby, work, birthdays and forthcoming surgical procedures (that I won’t divulge – yet) June seems to be a busy month – maybe I’m going to have to do an ‘onmyownathon’ in July – watch this space!!

Lots of sleeping done

U12’s Challenge Cup Final tomorrow (If I’m up)

Bring it on

Nearly Back To Normal

Thankfully I have just about put the hangover from hell behind me, I suppose sleeping in until after 10 o clock this morning obviously helped – yep a full 12 hours kip – can’t remember the last time I did that. It is a good job I hadn’t enetered the local 10k this morning, cos I’d have slept through it, oh well there’s always next year.

A bit of sad news in the Earnshaw household this morning as one of our guinea pigs – Fluffy has made his way to pig heaven leaving poor old Fluff ( I didn’t pick the names) without a playmate. So now its dilemma time – do we get him a new playmate or not. We have had them nearly 5 years now so I don’t want to get him a new friend if he’s gonna snuff it any time soon (harsh I know, but I’m trying to be realistic) but I’m not really sure how long they live. Then there’s the will they get on situation……………Arghh, what to do.

So after the stresses of this morning, I decided a walk was called for – that’s when I nearly collapsed (don’t panic Mother – read on first) My Hubby, he who can only walk if he’s a) on a golf course and b) carrying his golf clubs, wanted to come with us. The last time he came with us Jack was still in his pram, we used to walk till he dropped off to sleep (Jack not Ernie) and then call for a bag of chips to share on the way home. I couldn’t believe it, especially as it was only Friday night when he moaned about walking back from the wine bar – all one and a half miles of a walk. Not only did he walk with us – he enjoyed it!! I don’t think he realises what he’s let himself in for as now he’s been once, Jack will expect to do it all the time. Roll on next weekend…………………..Mmm where to go.


5 miles in a couple of hours

Running tomorrow

Bring it On 

The Highs and Lows of a Child Free Night

So for the first time in months we made it out as a couple (Thanks Ryan) rather than the threesome we usually end up being as Jack is normally in tow. Mind you it was almost like having him there as he kept texting his Dad the rugby scores – Bless!  It’s fair to say we had a great night out, lovely food – once I’d sent the dodgy mussels back and a good time in the wine bar afterwards. Even managed to out drink my husband which is unheard off these days as I rarely drink – bit like a kid in a candy shop to be honest!!! Boy did I know about it this morning.

I didn’t feel that bad last night and even managed to totter a mile and a half home in heels – flat shoe kinda girl me -much to the disgust of hubby who is only capable of walking with a set of golf clubs on his back! He moaned non-stop all the way back – love him!

 Anyway, when I woke I still felt hammered, and remembered how much shouting for ”huey I’d done before making it up to bed. Nice! How the hell I managed to make us a sausage buttie I’ll never know – then I couldn’t eat it. Come 3 o clock this afternoon I was finally able to sit up without getting that awful sweaty, dizzy feeling. Yep, now I remember why I don’t drink much anymore – what a waste of a day.

No running today for obvious reasons

Hangover free day tomorrow

Bring it on




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