I keep looking at it longingly, all shiny and new and desperate to be ridden. Yep, Boris the third finally turned up (I’m sure it turned up the minute I left the shop on Friday but that’s for the Halfords Customer Complaints dept to sort!) and now I can’t ride it thanks to my knee. I did hope I’d be back on it once I’d seen the Physio but that appointment isn’t for another month, I’m not waiting that long. The letter says I haven’t to return to strenuous exercise until I’ve seen the Physio and consultant – but what do they mean by strenuous? Bike riding is not that strenuous is it, you just pedal, and it’s not like running when you’re impacting on the road (unless you fall off -I’m quite good at that) So now I’m in a bit of a dilemma -do I  just use my own judgement or wait for the experts……….

On the knee side of things, all seems to be well. It’s a lot less painful now  -though it didn’t take too kindly to doing the ironing and I am actually managing to use it on some of the stairs (come on I’ve got three flights in my house -going up one step at a time will take forever!!) There’s no nasty stuff coming from the wounds and I’m surviving without painkillers. Word of advice -if a doctor gives you Tramadol -bin it. I spent two days feeling as high as the characters in trainspotting and two days suffering from withdrawal symptoms. I’d rather have pain thanks very much!! So now I’m hoping the weather picks up -sittings all well and good in the garden but daytime telly is definitely not for me.

On the mend

Back on my feet sooner rather than later

Bring it on!!!

New Knee Needed…………………….

Well I won’t be pedalling on Mavis again anytime soon – give me trusty Boris anyday (well at least until I get my new bike) Who would have thought that a nearly scrapped bike would be so much better than a bike I bought less than a year ago from Halfords. Don’t get me wrong, I know the dodgy knee situation didn’t help the pedalling but compared to Boris it was bloody hard work. Still biking’s the only option I’ve got at the moment as the dodgy knee is making car driving impossible.

Yep, the pain continues, by the time I got home today I was seriously considering a trip to A & E, but then other things got in the way, cooking, cleaning. Well anything really to avoid somebody uttering the words – no running. Sounds daft  and they might not even say it, I’m probably worrying over nothing. But I don’t do resting and I’ve already rested two whole days-sort of. Dancing ‘under the sea’ is going to fab tomorrow with a crock knee………….

5 slow miles done

Borrowing hubby’s bike tomorrow

Bring it on



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