Just where does the time go………


What with half term and all I’m not really sure how I’ve failed to blog for the last fortnight, as apart from the demolishing of wardrobes, re-decorating a bedroom, putting up new wardrobes (well hubby did) sorting stuff to go back in the new wardrobes, trying to de-clutter (big fail), swotting for and taking two (yes two) mock exams and a three-day trip to London.¬†I haven’t done that much really!! Still I seem to have some time now. Granted it’s Sunday evening, I haven’t done any of the jobs I wanted to do this weekend and another busy week at work is looming (pancake races, World Book Day and a day and a half with no class teacher) but hey just what would I do if I wasn’t so busy………

I’ll try to blog more this week

Really I will

Bring it on

Where’s Poly Gone…….


I really didn’t mean to reduce my maths class to hysterical laughter, I just couldn’t help myself. I’d said it before I even realised. A whole lot louder than I thought.
I’m blaming the long day, the excitement of the snow ( all 3 flakes!!) the fact that it’s almost half term……
Well come on, it is the oldest joke in the book. So when the tutor asked me to define a polygon……..
Yep!!! I did!!
Is it a dead parrot!?!?
Thankfully the tutor laughed louder than anyone!!
I didn’t mean to be the class clown
I’ll be good tomorrow ūüėė
Bring it on!!!

The Blog is back……………..

Andrew Voss -sorted!

Andrew Voss -sorted!

So firstly apologies for a complete lack of blog recently. I’m not sure why, I have no excuses, I’ve just never got round to doing it, there’s always been something else to do. Homework, housework,homework, housework……¬†Anyway, I’ve finally got a spare five minutes so time for a quick catch up.

Half term came and went, I didn’t get anything done that I wanted to do, however Jack and I did do some walking, just for a change we got lost, and even better still nearly got run over by a goods train as the abandoned track we were walking on clearly wasn’t that abandoned -whoops.

I spent a day dressed as a camel ¬† Giraffe¬† (yes I really did mix the two up!) all in the name of Children in Need. I wish we could wear onesies¬†every Friday, roll out of bed and put your jim jams on -easy! Hubby fell off his bike and managed to chip his elbow, I’ve lost my cycling partner for six weeks. Jack managed to get a dead arse during a rugby game – it’s a¬†new one on me. I can treat most things and am a dab hand at strapping up fingers, knees and arms -arses, no chance!!

I have officially been told I can start running, albeit on grass only and only for a few minutes – shame I’ve been back running on the road for the last few weeks. Well come on, how can I run on grass at this time of year. It’s dark, slippy and the way my luck goes I’ll end up lost or flat on my back or both. Pavement pounding is the only option!!

Junior rugby season has finally come to end- at last,some free time. The Rugby World Cup has been on and has been amazing  Рif only England had made it to the final. Jack got to meet an Aussie commentator РAndrew Voss and declared he was sorted. Which I think is teenage speak for a great bloke.

But I end tonight’s¬†blog with a tribute to a top guy -Steve¬†Prescott. Steve was a great rugby player who, finally lost his seven-year¬†battle with a rare stomach cancer two weeks ago. I met Steve five years ago when I was due to run the London Marathon for his foundation. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with severe anaemia¬†and was unable to run, Despite battling his own illness, Steve took the time to ring and see how I was doing. With the help of my school the fundraising went ahead and we presented Steve with a cheque at half-time during a Wildcats game. He was so grateful for what we’d done and couldn’t thank the kids enough – a true legend.

Steve Prescott. Man of Steel

Steve Prescott.
Man of Steel

I promise to blog more often.


Bring it on!

Holiday Heaven………….

It will be tidy soon.......

It will be tidy soon…….

Well it’s¬†day two of the half term holidays and carnage still reigns in the spare room (both of them!). It’s the weathers fault. For those in the know I’m an outdoor kind of girl, so if you think I’m going to stay in sorting the chaos that remains after decorating Jacks room (that’s¬†the downside of spare rooms -they¬†become dumping grounds!) while the sun shines,you’ve got another thing coming! So I’ve washed the car, washed the windows inside and out (the house ones not the car) tidied the garden, returned the cat shit to its appropriate owner (next door but three) well come on, why can’t it shit in its own¬†garden? I did put it in a carrier bag first, I could have just wanged¬†it over her lawn. I’m sure if I sent my guinea pig round to crap on her garden she’d have something to say -except he’s been dead¬† months (R.I.P fluff) but you get the idea.

I have done a little more sorting today (I lasted an hour) but the call of the sunshine was too great and I abandoned it for a walk by the river with Jack and his mate. While Jack is quite used to the pace of my power walks, with the odd break thrown in to photograph something, his mate clearly isn’t. I thought I was going to have to carry him the last mile home. Still he must have enjoyed it, he asked if we could go again – on our bikes. I’ll pedal slow……..honest!!

Loving the sun

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

Stupid Cupid……………

Hallelujah, half term is upon us¬†-and before you non-school workers start your ‘you’ve only just gone back’ speech. It’s been six long weeks minus one snow day¬†¬†(which shouldn’t have been a snow day -but thats another story!) and yes I know that in the grand scale of things six weeks isn’t a long time, but in school speak it’s much longer. Not convinced -try working with a class of 30, you may change your mind. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job but when you’re there it’s full on.¬†Take this week, in between the English, Maths and Science assesments (poor kids -but thats yet another story), History, P.E and the yearly pancake races¬†we’ve had the trials and tribulations of the Valentines Disco. The¬†tears of rejection and lost love¬†have gone on for the best part of a week -relationship counselling is not really my thing! I suppose I could have just said ‘get a grip’, but thats probably a bit harsh -especially when you’re only 9. Yes cupids arrow now strikes Primary school’s, just what are you meant to say as they sob on your shoulder declaring their undying love for a boy who’d rather play bulldog with his mates -I wish they wouldn’t grow up so fast. Relationship worries at nine -I was nineteen before I had a relationship, the only relationship I’ve ever had –¬†I married him!!

The holidays are here

The forecast is good

Bring it on


Australian Crumble…..and a tip!!!!

So we’re almost at the half way point in the school year -just¬†where does the time go?!?! Halfway point means Jack switches from Needlework ,or whatever they call it nowadays (I’m now the proud owner of a cushion cover chef-it¬†cost me three quid and matches sod all in my house but hey he made it all himself. Can’t wait till year 9 apparently they make an ugly doll!!)) to¬† Food Technology (cooking). First dish of the season – apple crumble. I’ll give him his due he has the makings of a great cook – it tasted delicious. The presentation however was somewhat¬†lacking. I’m sure it looked fine when he took it out of the oven, it probably still looked fine when he carefully put it into his box to bring it home and his teacher helped him put it in the carrier¬†bag without it tipping up. The problem came when he stuffed his carrier into his schoolbag – upside down crumble anyone!! Just to add to the fun Jack forgot to take the 25p (spare ingredient money – you never know!) ) ¬†out of the serving dish thankfully hubby spotted the shiny bits before I served it up with custard. Oat cookies after the holidays – can’t wait.

Apple crumble – yum yum

Burnt the calories off on Boris

Bring it on

CBA Syndrome Stikes Again……..

Well I was so organised last night, work and school bag ready, snap made ,running kit all laid out next to my bed ready for my early morning run – very impressed. So did I make it out for my early morning sprint……………..Er no! Not sure if it was the crap nights sleep, the fact that I awoke feeling slightly off-balance¬†or what but nothing was going to raise me out of bed before I really had to be up this morning. CBA¬†syndrome had well and truly kicked in and my best laid plans were gone. Annoyed -just a bit. I was so annoyed that I haven’t been friends with myself all day – not the best of moods to be in on a Monday,especially the first Monday after half term.

Still at least I swam after work, I almost redeemed myself. Yep Jack and¬†I went to test Wakefield’s¬†newest leisure centre – it’s not bad to be honest. It hasn’t got the character of the old place or the mouldy walls but it’s well worth a visit or two. Might have to avoid Mondays though – Wakefield’s¬†‘Fat Chuffer Synchronised Swimming Team’ clearly train on Mondays. No really, I’ve never seen so many morbidly obese people in one place. Still at least they’re trying to get back in shape (good on them). I best get my arse out of bed in the morning or I might be joining them!!

Failed at the early morning run

Try again tomorrow

Bring it on

The Return of the Rat

So my blitzing the house plans came to a bit of a halt today – a rat sized halt. Yep, Roland’s relatives are back. I did wonder why poor Fluff (the family guinea pig) didn’t seem very happy. Now I know why. Thankfully I didn’t find the rat, he pounced on my electrician (thanks Ryan) who was sorting the outside security light out – no more disco lights when it’s windy now. Anyway back to the rat -seemingly¬†he shot out of the cage across the patio and down the old drainage system from the outside toilet-it’s getting filled in with cement at the weekend-the pipe not the rat. In the meantime Fluff’s moved back in to the kitchen and I’ve chucked two tonne of rat poison outside if that fails I’m sending for the Pied Piper.

Thankfully I still had time for a mini blitz and there’s¬†just the hoovering to do tomorrow (I’ve mended it) and I’ve done. Just in time for the last day of half term and there’s me thinking I’m on holiday. How many weeks until the christmas holiday………….

Job list nearly finished

A couple of hours free time tomorrow

bring it on.

A Tight Situation………….

Well there was definitely less fog and very little rain – I was finally in with a chance of getting to work still relatively dry. Except¬†I decided to test out my new cycling ¬†jacket – it clearly wasn’t as cold¬†in temperature as the weatherman predicted. By the time I arrived at work I felt like I was wearing a sauna suit – not a good look. It took me nearly two hours to cool down. My overheated state wasn’t helped by a bit of a tights dilemma – top tip when buying tights make sure you pick the right ones up. I clearly hadn’t. I didn’t even know they did tights with built-in fat pants for size tens but obviously they do. But just how the hell are you meant to get in them and why does the fat pant bit come to just above your knee. It’s a good job I wasn’t wearing a short dress! Still I think I’ve lost about 3 inches off my thighs they’ve been squeezed that tight all day.

So with work done it was time to cycle home but I’ve got to say it was a bit of a hard slog – I think the ‘at last the half term is here’ syndrome has kicked in. Yep for the third tea time¬†in a row I found myself nodding in the chair, not good. Still I’ve got the day off tomorrow – a whole day to myself. Mmmm¬†what to do?

4 miles run 7 miles cycled

a rest day tomorrow

Bring it on

A Little Snooze and Which Shoes to Choose

So another day another hair disaster, no rain today but plenty of damp misty fog – my hair was having none of it and refused to re-straighten. I spent most of the day looking like I still had my helmet on – not my best look!! Still fitness comes first – not to mention the money I’m saving on petrol!!

The countdown to half¬†term is on now – only two days left¬†to work¬†and I’m definitely ready for a break. I didn’t realize how ready until I sat down to watch neighbours and snoozed my way through most of it – good job I was heading out for a run or I think I’d have slept right through.

Yep, another run done, I dropped Jack at training and ran a 3 1/2 mile loop – pain-free¬†again. To think if I’d listened to my doctor I’d have still been waiting for a referral¬†and probably have gained 2 stone waiting. Now I’m on the road to recovery and changing the way I run – well I’m trying. All I need now is some more suitable running shoes that I actually like and the comeback will definitely be on-but which shoes to choose……….

Nearly 7 miles cycled and over 3 miles run

Early morning sprint tomorrow

Bring it on



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