One Blonde Moment or Two

So just for a change……….Change of plan.

No rugby training  so I ended up going out on my own. No gossip to help me round tonight. Still the drop in temperature meant running conditions were good and I set off with almost a spring in my step ,intending to do a one hour steady six mile run – Yeah right.

So a mile and a half in, I paused my amazing Nike+watch (well it said a mile n half but its still playing up!!!) while I crossed a bad bend in the road. Only then did I realise I hadn’t pressed pause when it flashed up ‘Great Run’. Bugger I’d pressed stop. Oh well I’d just have to re-start it and add them together at the end, easy enough…….

So off I set again and turned down a road I haven’t run down at night for a while, it soon became obvious why. No street lights. I was 100% certain there was, looked like I was 100% wrong. So I ran the best I could, praying for some car headlights, not one car!!! In the end I had to walk before I fell.

Finally the lights re-appeared and I picked up the pace only to be overtaken on the bend by one of those real runner types, whoosh and he was gone. I did give it my best shot to keep up with him and fairplay to him he gave me the thumbs up at the top of the hill before he whizzed of across the road (Well I think it was a thumbs up).

When I got to the four mile point and I felt like I’d been running an age I remembered something, the other one and a half miles. So there I was, a good 3 mile from home and only another half mile to run to do my planned six. (didn’t even have my emergency £1 to get the bus back – don’t think my emergency £1 would be enough to get the bus back!) So there was nothing to do but run for it . And run I did, even overtook one of those real runner types, whoosh and I was gone. 8.7 miles in 1 hour 16 mins and 33 secs, Change of plan anyone…………..

Janathon Day 13

Bring it on!



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