Busy Weekend When the Fun Never Ends……………….

Well I fared slightly better than Hubby and have had a relatively hangover free day today, maybe having to be home before the clock struck twelve and the babysitters turned into pumpkins helped. It’s a good job really because one more drink and I would have been out for the duration- not good for a nearly non-drinker!

So time for a catch-up on yesterday before going on to today. It was an early start as the online race entry for January’s Brass Monkey half marathon opened at 7a.m. So 6:30 saw me glued to the laptop frantically pressing the refresh button just incase the lines opened early, but no it was 7 before it opened -thats when things started to go wrong. My name is Dawn, it’s been Dawn all my life but the online entry was having none of it ‘we cannot verify your name’ it kept telling me. More frantic refreshing, then it decided I don’t belong to a running club – I do. I might not go very often but I am definitely a member. So now I’m a non-club runner called Mavis- but hey at least I’m in!!

With online entry done it was time to finally get my running shoes on – a whole 3 miles my physio said. I managed it pain-free until I stood on my front step – twang! Thankfully the pain was pretty short-lived and I’m hoping for more of the same tomorrow. The comeback is on! Not a bad time either to say I haven’t run for 4 weeks.Running out of the way it was time to head off for Jacks rugby game – the 1st round of the BARLA Cup which they won last year. They couldn’t have got off to a better start 74-0 against the team they beat 24 – 0 last week, I nearly ran out of room on the score sheet. Fairplay to the opposition they never gave up and I can’t believe how sad their coach was refusing to hand out a Man of The Match award because they were rubbish – his words. Real positive coaching that!!

Afternoon time saw me cycling along the local canal, weir and marshland 12.7 miles of amazing views, mud and mega deep puddles – bliss! Though my thigh muscles don’t think so today -bit sore. A very busy day finished with a great night out, great food with great friends.

Time for rest and recovery today……maybe not, we headed up to Crigg to watch some of our other teams in action, we started with glorious sunshine and finished in the thickest of fog. Maybe it was fog that brought the loonies out in force – rugby is well-known for a bit of argy bargy, even full on fisticuffs – but leaving your teeth imprints on someones cheek is a new one on me. To add to the fun the ref sin sinned the bitten one and left the biter on the pitch. Carnage and chaos reigned. The ref didn’t know who he’d sin-binned, sent off or how long they’d been on, off or whether they could come back on or not…. Still at least we won!

A great weekend doing all the things we love best

Running and cycling tomorrow

Bring it on



Pre Race Preparation

So thanks to Janathon, another running first for me. Running the day before a race., something I’ve never considered before. I’ve been round Harrods the day before a race I’ve even cooked pie n peas for 40 people the night before a race (fundraisng for rugby) but Ive never run. Still needs must if I’m to stick to my goal of running every day in January. So out I went, and so short was the run I felt like I was back before I’d  set off. Run done, it was pre- race prep time.

In all honesty I don’t know why I enter races, I only enjoy them once I’ve finished. Before every race I say never again, only to find myself posting another entry form once I get back. Then there’s the pre-race rituals. The same meal the night before (lasgane), same breakfast (weetabix) or the race won’t go to plan. Then there’s the lucky clothing, mass panic this afternoon when I couldn’t find my lucky running pants, panic over now!! So providing the couple of sneezes I’ve done don’t turn into pneumonia, I’m sure all will be fine when I line up for the Brass Monkey at 10:00am tomorrow.

1.34 miles in 10 mins and 52 secs , nice warm up for tomorrows half marathon.

Janathon day 22

Bring it on!

The Six Mile Niggle

So thankfully no early morning run today and to be honest it’s a good job, its fair to say I woke this morning feeling tired and more than a little grumpy. Yep going out on a work night is no good for me. However a chance to see Billy Connoly was too good to turn down, work night or not. Bloody good he was too. Thankfully the plus side of working in a school is that you don’t feel grumpy for long and for a while I forgot how tired I was. Come hometime the tiredness came flooding back and how I managed to drag myself out of the door for a run, I’ll never know, but drag myself I did.


It’s pre race week for me as I have a half marathon this Sunday and as per usual I had my pre race  rubbish run. Why is it when you have an event coming up and training has been going well, all of a sudden everything and anything hurts or won’t work.  The first half mile wasn’t too bad, then my arthritic toe (self diagnosis) started to throb. I was running with all the elegance of an obese elephant, every footstrike slapping the pavement with a thud, even the ipod didn’t drown out the sound my feet were making. Still I plodded on (literally) , no pain,no gain (which muppet thought that one up!) My niggley knee started to niggle, my shoes felt too tight, my foot hurt, even my elbow started to ache (why!!) ‘Then I had an awful feeling that I was going to get cramp in my leg. Now bizzare as it may seem, I have a phobia about cramp. I think its a control thing, I don’t like the feeling that I’m going to get a pain and I can’t do a thing to stop it. So I tried to stretch my legs as I ran, I didn’t want to stop because thats when it sneaks up and gets you, Ouch! Must have looked a right tit stridding down Barnsley road but I ain’t bothered cos it worked. I made it home cramp free.

Come Sunday I know all will be fine, a bit of TLC and I’ll make it to the start line in one piece. I think my amazing Nike+ sportswatch (its never works) must have the pre race niggles too, because for once, it was almost accurate. So engrossed in my pain and agony I  never noticed the time until I got back.  6 miles in 51 minutes and 33 seconds.

Janathon Day 19

Bring it on

The Beasts of Heath

So just a week to go to the Brass Monkey Half Marathon and the brass monkey weather has well and truly arrived. If it was cold when we set off, it was even colder once we got going. Normally no matter how cold it is I’m usually down to short sleeves in no time, I hate running in loads of layers, but recent mild weather must of made me soft cos my long sleves were going nowhere. Thankfully with my mate to chat to we soon forgot the cold and took in the sights and sounds our 11 mile route had to offer.

You don’t have to go far from where I live to find a few more rural/countryish routes to run. These make for great traffic free running but do have their downfalls, namely roaming(ish) animals. Its fair to say when it comes to country animals my running partner is not a fan, get her near a field of cows and she’s a quivering wreck!! So when we encountered the horses I reasured her they were tied up and we’d be fine.That is until we met with one lonely horse all on its todd at the bottom of a path and for the second time in a week we found ourselves running screaming from a horse (a tied up one).

Today was obviously the day for getting chased by snarling beasts(slight exaggeration, but it makes for a better blog). Prior to the horse situation we found ourselves getting chased by a rather angry looking dog. We met quite a few dogs today and commented on the different expressions they have, happy, daft, cute to the downright miserable. This one was downright evil and we would have been in fear of our lives if it had of been any bigger. No honestly, Yorkshire terriers are really really evil.

So a very enjoyable 11.1 miles in a time of 1 hour 49 mins and 32 secs. Day 15 done. 77 miles run so far.

Janathon Day 16

Bring it on



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