Saturday nights alright for …………………………

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At last, a sleep in, not that I got much sleep -howling winds and attic bedrooms don’t match. Needless to say the long distance bike ride (which isn’t very far at the moment) didn’t happen. Still, there’s always the gym – I am starting to get used to it, I just wish it was outside, I like fresh air and rain and mud, you don’t get any of those things in a gym. You do, however, have fabulous showers that I could stay in all day and a spa pool to die for, it’s not all bad!!

So after, the cross trainer, bike, weights and a short swim, I’m now sat revising for next weeks mock gcse science exam, I lead such an exciting life, I guess Saturday nights are alright for partying when you’re not working full-time, studying for a degree, science gcse and trying to be a mum – it will all be worth it, eventually!!

Lots of exercise done

Treating myself to a martini

images (2)Bring it on!!!

Officially a Fattie

images2S2GLABSSo Janathon day five, and if going back to work  wasn’t enough of a shock to the system, I  foolishly decided to get on the scales, not once, but twice, what was I thinking?!?!?  I’m not usually one for getting weighed I usually just rely on how my clothes feel, but having been out of action for nearly 8 weeks I decided I needed to know just how bad things were – I wish I’d never bothered.  Compared to my usual weight I a now officially a fat chuffer, still on the plus side it is probably the kick up the backside I need to keep me at the gym and eating healthily. Lets hope the weight goes off as quickly as it came on.

Gym session done

Cycling to work tomorrow

                                                           Bring it on!!!

You’ve got to Hand It To Him………….


So finally I did it, took a break from the blog – Ok its only been a few days but having blogged daily for the last 400ish days a few days definitely counts as a substantial break. To be honest I don’t think I could have fit it in any way, in true Dawn style I’ve been busy, busy, busy. I seem to have got through loads of stuff yet there’s still loads to do. I never thought getting better deals on everything from insurance to the gas bill would take a whole afternoon, but it did -and that was just the quotes. Then there’s been the clearing Jack’s room to decorate afternoon -now the rest of the house is in turmoil. Add to that the start of Super League -another afternoon gone (wasted if I’m honest Wakefield were pants), the usual gym,swim and rugby training trips and that was another weekend done. Week days have been a mixture of going to work, planning for work and the never-ending helping with homework – just how many projects can one child get, don’t they realise he’s got a History test to revise for. So it’s official I am now an expert on the English Civil War. The only way I can help with revision is if I know what they’re revising about and as I seem to have forgotten all I learnt at school I’ve been doing a bit of swotting – it’s a good job I did. Don’t get me wrong I’m pretty impressed by Jacks knowledge on all that went on with Charles 1, but I really don’t know why he thought the Arch Bishop of Canterbury was called BRIAN…..Still at least he redeemed himself with his art work (he drew the hand)  -pretty impressive even if I do say so myself!!!

Busy, busy

Hoping to be less busy tomorrow

Bring it on


Gym Junkie……………..sort of!!

gymWell thankfully I sneaked into the gym without the helpful instructor spotting me, Phew! Although to be honest, with my little legs feeling somewhat weary I could have probably done with the extra encouragement today. Still I did manage the bike, a sneaky little run on the treadmill and had a go on the  rowing machine (I’d forgotten how hard that was!) not a bad effort. I’ve got to admit I’m staring to enjoy the gym, it’s still doesn’t compare to the buzz I get road running but it is starting to fill the void that ‘no running’ has left behind. So now I’m on a mission to row more than a 1500m without feeling like I’m going to die or throw up – could be fun.

Going to the gym also allows me to continue one of my favourite pastimes -people watching, and it would be a great place to take my camera, except your not allowed. But honestly the expressions on people’s faces as they exercise needs capturing. Today wouldn’t have been the best day to take the camera though -I would definitely have captured more than I intended to. It’s bad enough that some guys choose to wear those little running shorts (Like Mo Farah wears)great for the road and track, not great when you’re laying on an exercise mat, doing sit-ups  with your meat and 2 veg  hanging out. especially when yours truly is looking on -bleurghh. Thank god it was beef stew for tea and not my original plan of sausage casserole…….

All thing considered Janathons gone pretty well

Just one day left

Bring it on


Cabin Fever Kids…………….and Adults!

cartoon3907Well it’s fair to say it’s been a very long week -wintry weather is all well and good until you’re stuck inside with 30 year 5 kids who are desperate to just play out -then it becomes a nightmare. They all get fed up of one another, spend all day looking longingly at the snow and loose all focus (not sure if that’s the kids or the staff!). Anyway, seemingly the thaw is on its way and normal service will be resumed next week -wahoo!!

In the meantime there is a Janathon to finish and today I finally made it to the gym, I was one of the only ones who did, I had the place to myself bar one groaning man doing the weights machines -is there really any need to make such a noise -no. It doesn’t make lifting the weights any easier -I tried it,all I got was a sore throat!! So I did the cross trainer, bike, weights, rowing machine and even had a sneaky go on the treadmill (shh) -it didn’t give me the same buzz as road running but it was the closest I’ve come in a long time. Maybe its time to become a gym junkie minus the dodgy vest…….

An hour in the gym

hoping to finish Janathon with a flourish

Bring it on



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