Big Roll, Big Hole, Big Dance

No running pre work today, but a workout session, weights bands and my new mega Hula -Hoop – best thing I’ve ever bought. I can definately feel it working. Ten minutes, every day rolling it round your stomach and five days later the results are showing – I think. I  seem to be  getting more of a pot than six pack shape but I’m sure it will level out (I hope) if I keep going.

A lousy weather day today, non-stop rain. Great- just what you want when you need to dig a hole in the garden. Yep today we buried Fluffy( family Guinea Pig) well I did- no one else was daft enough to go out and get p*** wet through. What should have been a sombre occasion turned inot hysterical laughter. Primak Ugg boots are obviously not the best thing to wear when digging a hole,one minute the spade was in the hole the next I slipped and it was inches from my head – whoops!!

As it was a rest day today, tonight saw me learning some more of the ‘Big Dance’ that not so easy contempary number we’re doing at school as part of the Olympic celebrations. Three minutes of it I can do now-only two to go. Unfortunately the last two minutes are the roll around the floor minutes – now I might get down but the chance of me getting back up anytime before the Olympics start………………………

Nearly a rest day

Running in the rain tomorrow

Bring it on

Nearly Back To Normal

Thankfully I have just about put the hangover from hell behind me, I suppose sleeping in until after 10 o clock this morning obviously helped – yep a full 12 hours kip – can’t remember the last time I did that. It is a good job I hadn’t enetered the local 10k this morning, cos I’d have slept through it, oh well there’s always next year.

A bit of sad news in the Earnshaw household this morning as one of our guinea pigs – Fluffy has made his way to pig heaven leaving poor old Fluff ( I didn’t pick the names) without a playmate. So now its dilemma time – do we get him a new playmate or not. We have had them nearly 5 years now so I don’t want to get him a new friend if he’s gonna snuff it any time soon (harsh I know, but I’m trying to be realistic) but I’m not really sure how long they live. Then there’s the will they get on situation……………Arghh, what to do.

So after the stresses of this morning, I decided a walk was called for – that’s when I nearly collapsed (don’t panic Mother – read on first) My Hubby, he who can only walk if he’s a) on a golf course and b) carrying his golf clubs, wanted to come with us. The last time he came with us Jack was still in his pram, we used to walk till he dropped off to sleep (Jack not Ernie) and then call for a bag of chips to share on the way home. I couldn’t believe it, especially as it was only Friday night when he moaned about walking back from the wine bar – all one and a half miles of a walk. Not only did he walk with us – he enjoyed it!! I don’t think he realises what he’s let himself in for as now he’s been once, Jack will expect to do it all the time. Roll on next weekend…………………..Mmm where to go.


5 miles in a couple of hours

Running tomorrow

Bring it On 



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