Grumpy Monday……………………

Grumpy2Well I didn’t wake up grumpy,he woke up first ,(only joking Ernie!!) No I wasn’t grumpy at all, in fact as Monday’s go I was pretty lively. Then I got to work. If you think working with hormonal women is bad try sharing your workplace with a bloke – it’s a good job I’m a laid back kinda girl and try to look on the brightside. Thankfully he finally cheered up (about 3 o clock) not such a bad day after all.

On the Janathon front it was a quick swim day, half a mile of front crawl in between Jack rabbiting on about this and that. Even swimming doesn’t stop his yabbering -he’s fitter than me,I’ve all on breathing never mind talking. Three days left and counting.

Swim done

gym tomorrow

Bring it on



So firstly, apologies for no blog last night, no excuses, I just couldn’t be arsed – not like me I know, but it was one of those days. I woke up shattered and grumpy, it was absolutely chucking it down and the only thing that kept me going was the fact it was non-uniform day – so I could wear my jeans to work. I love my jeans!!!

Alfie’s Steak

So after F & B’s it was up to the rugby club, the intention being that the lads could have a run round while we had a drink, unfortunately, rain stopped play. The deluge through the day was nothing compared to what we got in the evening – I expected Noah and his ark to float along the rugby pitch at any moment – rain rain rain rain – it never let up! Summer rugby – today’s game was well and truly off!

So to today, well thankfully we actually had something yellow glowing in the sky and for once  it wasn’t a weather warning triangle. In fact in-between the showers, I’ve managed to dry three loads of washing – yipee! What else have I done……………..well I’ve pottered all day and yet managed to do sod-all, I don’t think I’ve finished one job – oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Now we’re watching Wendy- ball and frankly it’s crap.More diving than a submarine – boring!!! Glass of wine time – yes please.

Lazyish day today

Getting my jobs done tomorrow

Bring it on



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