Rainy Runs and Horsey Huffs…………….

Well if  last nights run was a rainy one,tonight, well tonight it was well and truly hammering it down – full on pavement lashing, eyelid closing rain – awesome!! It’s rained all day here in Wakefield It’s never let up, so come leaving work time roads were closing and queues were forming – thankfully I know a few cheeky shortcuts so I made it home quicker than most – I even had time to call for petrol – good job really – the car’s been flashing red for 2 days!!

So with Jack’s school rugby game cancelled – can’t think why – I decided to run sooner than later. I only wanted to do a steady short run so opted to run first and eat after. To be honest it, once out there I loved it. It was somewhat satisfying that while all the cars sat there stuck in the gridlock I flew (well plodded) past them without a care in the world – ears full of water – but not a care in the world.

I didn’t see one other runner, to be fair they were probably all stuck in the traffic or are slightly saner than I am. I did see a cyclist who gave me that knowing nod – you know the one -‘hey you’re as mad as me’ but other than that I didn’t really  pass anyone – not even a dog walker. I did however see a guy walking a pony – no really!! He was heading back to the stables on Oakenshaw Lane, but the pony clearly had the ‘tit on’ at being out in the rain and was refusing to go any further – the guy just kept raising his arms in the air – maybe hoping for some heavenly inspiration and the pony, well the pony just had a long face!! 

3.7 miles in 31:25 minutes

Longer run tomorrow

Bring it on!!



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