Molly or Polly……………………….You Decide!

Photos as promised.

Well, I’ll say this for Peugeot, their bikes are a hell of a lot better than their cars. Yep my ‘nearly new’ old bike is awesome and to think this time last week it was nearly outside the front door with a ‘free to a good home’ sign on it. So now it needs a name- well my cars have names so why not my bikes (Notice the ‘s’, get me – 2 bike Earnshaw!) Anyway, hubby suggested Paula – but to be fair Paula (Radcliffe) is always injured, not a good omen. But then again when fit she is mega fast – maybe that’s a good thing. I like Polly or maybe I should go with the type of bike rather than the brand ‘Molly Mountain Bike’ does have a lovely ring to it………………..Please feel free to post your suggestions!!!

So back to the bike ride – come ten o clock Hubby and I had clocked another 7+ miles, a mile further than last week in a similar time and even better my knees weren’t burning !!! I’ve always had dodgy knee’s the doctor used to insist it was growing pains – I can’t still be growing but do I still get ‘dodgy knee’ syndrome – age – possibly!!! Nowhere near as bad today though, not sure if it was the ‘nearly new’ old bike or the fact I have finally put my seat higher. I like to have my feet flat on the floor when I stop but according to ‘Ernie Wiggins’ it’s not the way to do it. Hate to admit it but hubby is probably right – Pft!!

All in all it’s been a pretty active week – I was hoping to get a run in today but, well to be honest CBA syndrome was kicking in but not to worry tomorrows another day – the day I get my running shoes back on!!!

Loving the biking

back to running tomorrow

Bring it on



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