Tea for Two…………….Maybe not!!!!


So as predicted, sleeping beauty slept in, so it was nearly lunchtime before we were ready to do anything today. Still it gave me time to get more mundane jobs done like online meter readings, online banking and filling in the stupid tax credit form – but I think I got the message across. You see in the last seven years the tax credit people for various reasons have decided that I had no husband and gave me ridiculous amounts of money – I contemplated chucking Hubby out but kept him and sent the money back. Then they decided I didn’t have a child, hence a demand for silly amounts of money they wanted back, then they decided we’d adopted him, more paper work to prove he really was ours. Believe it or not the only thing thats changed in the last 7 years is an increase in my working hours – how do you get no husband or child from that!!

Anyway, once sleeping beauty was finally fed and ready we headed of to the local ‘Go Outdoors’ to get Jack some new walking shoes for our forthcoming holiday to  the Peak District. Wow what a fab place ( Go Outdoors – not the Peak District ) – I could have spent a fortune, everything for running, biking, camping, walking, loads and loads and loads of stuff and Kendal Mint Cake – yum yum!! Now Jack thinks a camping holiday would be the best idea in the world – as long as we have a four bedroom tent – what does his dad think – not printable on here. I tried to tell him it will be cheaper than a fortnight on Ibiza but he’s not having it. Maybe we’ll have to do glamping first – posh camping, fluffy towels and everything………

So shopping done – I was good and just bought the shoes – we nearly had tea out. However, due to a mix up, our guests were happily munching their own tea when I rang to see where they were – they’d got the wong day!!! Still not being stuffed from eating out meant I’d time to squeeze a little run in at the end of the day and I’m well chuffed. It was only just over 3 miles but I knocked nearly 3 minutes off Monday’s efforts – the comeback is on.

No tea out today

Try again tomorrow

Bring it on



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