A Little Flat and Muddy or is it Moody…………….

So at the moment my kitchen floor is covered in mud, my washer is full of sludge and as for the bottom of the bath – yuck. Ridiculous amounts of rain over the last few days meant Jack came home from rugby training looking like he’d been swimming in a swamp – and as for the smell, poor little Archie (my car) stinks. Winter Rugby is back -joy!!

The mud has only added to my grumpy mood – not really sure why I feel so grumpy but Boris getting a flat tyre on the way home didn’t help. Did a piece of glass really need to stick itself  in my bike tyre when I’m pushed for time as it is.Thankfully I only had a mile to walk home – and no I didn’t have a puncture repair kit with me (like I’d know what to do with it!!) Still the bikes mended and the muds nearly gone time for the mood to lift I think.

A little run in the morning

and a swim after work

Bring it on.



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