A View From All Angles…………..

So Jack’s been back at school one whole day and here I am, back on BBC Bitesize, reminding myself how to do something before I help him. Amazingly, for once I am not moaning, angles of polygons are clearly my thing. Not only do I now know how to do them but I also passed the test yourself bit – the GCSE test yourself bit. Chuffed -not kidding. So chuffed that I’m now looking at sine and co-sine, there’s no sign (a-hem!) of me getting it any time soon. But then again I never got it at school. Though, to be fair, there wasn’t much chance of us getting anything seen as our newly qualified teacher spent most of the lesson locked in the storeroom -my parents really did send me to the nicest of schools…..Not!!

Jack has clearly been investigating angles other than those of a polygon, seemingly triangular angles. At least that was the shape his hand gestures were making as he proudly explained why his new Maths teachers nickname was ‘Titanic Tits’ Day one and I’m ready getting that sinking feeling!!

Normality (madness) returns

Queen of Angles

Bring it on



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