What a Day……….

So before I tell you about today, it’s been ace- I’ll go back to last night. Yep, having returned from a lovely meal out we returned to our hotel to find the Lobby overflowing with men of a certain tendency ( raving puffs) It was quite funny in a way as I’d read a very interesting article earlier in the day written by a gay man despairing about the way gay folk carry on these days. Well boy we’re they carrying on in our Lobby. Trouble is Jack doesn’t miss a trick nowadays – maybe in hindsight we shouldn’t have bothered stopping in the bar. Thankfully I managed to gag Jack before he completed his sentence of ‘Dad, there’s a load of benders over here’ Eeek!!! Oh well, at least no one knows us over here!!

Early up this morning- great place to log some Juneathon mileage-Kennedy Space Centre- all one mile of it, but we walked back from the drop off point so that’s 2 miles today (pft) Why couldn’t we have had Julyathon- I’m not on holiday then- maybe I’ll have to do my ‘ownathon’!

Any way back to the Space Centre, it was awesome- well it was when we got there. Unfortunately our bus driver was some sort of nut head activist and spent the entire journey ranting and raving about people’s ignorance towards NASA – I thought we we’re going to have a storm the driver incident- some of the Americans we’re getting pretty p’d off. Personally I thought he was a knob and said as much on my survey at the end of the tour – I didn’t give my real name though – I don’t want deporting halfway through my hols!

If you’ve never been to the space centre I would strongly recommend it and for the second day in a row I’ve seriously regretted not bringing my real camera. it’s an unbelievable place- I’ve never had to stop on a bus before while a turtle crosses the road- no really we did. It’s not all Space and rockets, the wildlife here is unbelievable, alligators, mullet( fish not haircut) diving out of the lake, eagles,buzzards and even dolphins. Bit worried about the Vultures though- maybe they’ve read my survey……….

Best day of the Holiday so far

Pool day tomorrow

Bring it on!!!





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