Wendy-Ball and The Lost Village…………

So its fair to say an afternoon playing wendy-ball – yep me playing football on a full size astro- turf pitch – not bad for a oval-ball kinda girl – meant come running time I was a little puffed out. To be fair it wasn’t the football or the game of Bulldog (best game in the world) that wore me out, it was being the goalkeeper in the penalty shoot out that did it. I was tempted to dive all over trying to stop the ball – but to be honest I really didn’t want to make an absolute tit of myself. Plus, I didn’t fancy a broken arm  or two for Florida – but I almost gave it my best shot – even saved one or two.

To make the running situation even worse, I didn’t have my trusty partner (currently on hospital watch!) to drag me round and by the time I set of the sky was dull grey and somewhat misty -it’s May!!! So I dropped Jack at rugby and trudged out of the carpark telling myself I would be fine once I got going – two miles in I was sat at the side of the road giving myself a good talking to -I was running like a right drip – had my amazing Nike+ sportswatch ( never works) been doing it’s job properly  then I should have been telling myself that I’d just run uphill like a mad woman and needed to slow down – but it didn’t say that, it said I was running at snails pace- how many more days to my birthday so I can have a Garmin?! Anyway, the talking to worked and I ran steady away after that.

I had another nice route planned tonight- apart from the 2 mile uphill bit – I’d checked out where we’d gone wrong last week and had found the right road, or I thought I had…………….Some how I lost Woolley Village, It should have been there at the end of the windy country type road – it had gone, vanished, it was nowhere to be seen!!! God, I’d done it again – I was lost – these flaming roads all look the same. Strangely though they all seem to take you in the same direction – I plodded on, ten minutes later I was back in civilization and even better somewhere I knew. Only a mile and a half further than planned – not too bad really. Thursday it will be third time lucky as I try the route again – no blog means I’m lost – again!!!

7.46 miles in 1:05:53

I know which way I’m going tomorrow (!!)

Bring it on

New Shoe Syndrome and a Sodding Useless Sportswatch

So another run in the new Nike’s and its fair to say they need another few runs before they’re totally broken in. I have a love hate relationship with new running shoes. I love the fact they look all shiny and new and hate the fact they don’t feel instantly like my old ones when I put them on. To be fair my old Nike’s have done slightly more miles than they should of done, in fact a lot more, they’re like a pair of slippers but it’s time to send them to running shoe heaven. My amazing Nike+ sportswatch (never works) might well be joining them.

I had planned a quickish 4 miles tonight but as new shoe syndrome was causing a few niggles I decided to make it slightly shorter. To be honest I was starting to get fed-up, while I wasn’t absolutely clogging it, I felt like I was going a fair old pace yet my watch said I was doing 9 minute miles and I was sure I was going faster – I was – Try race pace faster!  Not only had I gone 0.4 miles further than the flaming thing said I’d run a minute a mile faster as well. Technology – great when it works. I wonder if I can get away with having my birthday 2 months early so I can get a Garmin!!

3.2 miles done in 25 minutes 26 seconds

breaking the new shoes in tomorrow

bring it on



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