Slippy Slidey Friday……,..


Last nights icy wind should probably have been an indication of just how cold it was going to be this morning, but as I stepped out of the house at 5:45 this morning for a quick sprint I really didn’t expect to be stepping on to a skating rink. Having spent the week doing idioms (another word for idiotic sayings that no one really understands!) at school the word ‘skating on thin ice’ really did spring to mind. Thankfully I stayed on my feet, just. But it was no easy task, the cornering was a nightmare -the things we do in the name of Janathon!!

1.1 miles run

90 sit-ups

120 crunches

50 leg lifts

75 seconds of planking

Now it’s raining cats and dogs

Bring it on!!



F F F F F freezing……………….and a little bit busy!!


I’m freezing, I’ve spent the day freezing. The cycle to work was freezing, work was freezing, the wind chill on the cycle home was freezing, college was freezing, I’m so cold I could pass for a fish finger, well maybe not but you  get the idea!! Still, I love the great outdoors,whatever the weather which is a good job because when I left college it was wanging it down, I may be rowing to work not cycling tomorrow!!

5 ish miles cycled

90 squats

14 push-up type things


work done

3 hours of ‘nth term’ at college

I love never having a minute

Bring it on!!!


Frosty Bum……………..

Frozen-BikeDon’t worry, I haven’t fallen on the ice or fallen off my bike and onto the ice. In fact I made it to and from work on the bike fairly easily despite the frosty conditions. Granted by the time I got to work I had lost all feeling in my face (the only uncovered place -everything else was well wrapped up) but I made it there safely all the same. It was going home that was the problem. You see I did wonder why my cycling tights didn’t seem to fit right when I set off  by the time I got to the first corner I knew why -I’d forgotten to put my thermals under them! It was a tad chilly but still not the cause of my  frosty bum. That came later, around about the time I decided that due to the frosty conditions the normally boggy path would be passable -wrong decision. The path was now an icy bog and as I pedaled through I was splattered with icy muddy water -soaked to the skin -whoops. Thankfully I was only a mile from home so didn’t have chance to freeze totally but the ice crystals were definitely forming ……..

5 more Janathon miles cycled

Will remember to actually wear the thermals tomorrow

Bring it on!

Mud,Glorious Mud…..

Participant-LogoThankfully the weatherman got it wrong (again) meaning hubby and I had a chance to fit a sneaky 7 mile bike ride in,  not a flake of snow or a dusting of frost to be seen. Although it was somewhat chilly and has got colder as the day as gone on it wasn’t chilly enough for the huge muddy puddles to harden -boy were we in a state when we got back -loved every minute of it and managed to make it through all the mud without stopping -it was bloody hard work and my legs are like jelly (so are hubbys!) but still glad we took that route all the same. Thats 41 miles I’ve cycled this week and I am so chuffed – Janathon continues despite my dodgy knee.

7 miles cycled

81 miles logged so far

Bring it on

Eye Survived……………

miffy bikeWell I made it, work and back on the bike completely incident free. I didn’t slip on the frost -it was that nice white stuff you can see, not the sneaky black patches like yesterday. I didn’t get any mud in my eyes -I had my cycling glasses on and I haven’t put any more holes in my cycling tights -result!! 5 more Janathon miles done, despite the niggly knee they’re adding up nicely. Hopefully next week I’ll get back swimming as well, this first week back at school has been one busy week -that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

5 event free miles

the weekends nearly here

bring it on!!!

Eye Knee’d to Start Again…………..

Well its a good job I’m not one of those people who goes in for this ‘New Year -New Start’ malarkey as frankly the first few days have been somewhat of a disaster. not that it’s going to change anything – life’s what you make it and I’m all for looking on the brightside -well I would be if I could see, my left eye is full of goo. This time I can’t blame the class lurgy for giving me conjunctivitis -I got some muck in my eye while cycling and for some reason my eye didn’t like it -can’t think why!!

It’s the keeping fit side of my life that seems to be the cause of all that’s going wrong at the moment. If it’s not ba21385d enough that my niggly knee gave up on the 4th day of Janathon, now my other knee’s got the sulks as well. Mind you I suppose I’d be sulking if someone had dragged me across the tarmac (well gravel – Wakefield’s roads are a right mess!) at 30mph. Yep you’ve guessed it. my bike and I have been travelling in different directions again.Although this time I wasn’t knocked off, I fell off.-much to the amusement of two council workmen coming in the opposition direction.The first frosty morning of the year and guess who found the icy bit – Bolero on a bike without the music and purple chiffon! Once the council workmen had stopped laughing they did ask if I was ok.,which I was. Well apart from the holey cycling tights,holey gloves and a knee-cap that looked like it was about to give birth to twins -boy did it sting when I got in the bath. Still I managed to cycle home – safely and hopefully that’s my three disasters out-of-the-way and I can finish this Janathon thing in one piece. How many days are left…………….

5 miles cycled

1 mile sliding across the floor

Staying upright tomorrow

Bring it on.

Slippy Slidey Friday………….

Mind the Step

Mind the Step

So in his eagerness to get to work hubby flew out of the door literally! Alas I missed it. Though he wasn’t really eager to get to work it was more to do with the first severe frost and ice of the season arriving. Hubby only found out how bad it was when he put his foot on the top step and was on the pavement before he knew it. Even worse he then had to try to get up the steps he’d just fallen down to lock the front door. I didn’t laugh when he text me to say what had happened, in fact when I’d stopped the tears of laughter rolling down my face I text him back to check he was ok. If you think I’m not very sympathetic you should have heard Jack laugh when I told him!!! Anyway most of Yorkshire seem to have had to crawl about on hands and knees to get anywhere -or so the local news would have us believe. They failed to mention that by half ten the rain had come and washed everything away – including my broadband signal!!

Yes, we’ve recently swapped our broadband provider – all has been going well,loads of mega-fast internet access until today. When it rained, in fact it more than rained. Thing is I really needed the internet today I had a monopod to research and for once,as I’m still off work, I had a chance to look – or I would have done. But no, every time I logged on there was no connection, not one bar on the signal -hence lots of turning on and off hoping it would forget it wasn’t working – about half five it forgot – round about the time it stopped raining. Pft. So now I’ve  no idea which monopod is best (maybe I should have taken more notice when the real photographer dude let me hold his pole -ahem!) so any photographers out there with any tips they’ll be gratefully received.

It seems to have been along week

Finally feeling something like

Bring it on

A Slippy Start to the Week……..

So, as seems to be the norm of late I woke up this morning and wondered where the hell my weekend had gone – it seems to have passed by in a blur of science experiments, art projects and lots of moaning from various people.(see yesterdays blog) Still I won’t dwell on it — new week and all that. Not that the week got off to a great start – a very cold night mixed with rain and another drop in temperature meant our street resembled a bobsleigh run and my ickle ‘Archie Aygo’ really didn’t like it. Just my luck that I live on a street that is prone to black ice and I also work on one that is just the same. In fact with my run of recent bad luck I was tempted to sit in the car and wait for the frost to go this morning because if the roads around work were bad the staff car park was something else. A very league winners 095slippy

Worth waiting for

Worth waiting for

something else. Do they do Yak Trax for Aygo’s?

Mondays here again

Only 3 more weeks to the crimbo holidays

Bring it on.

Frosty Fun…….Maybe not!!!

I know, I know. I look a complete tit with Jacks bright red woolly hat on under my red cycle helmet – a bit like an unlit match – but this morning was bloody freezing and I couldn’t face  ‘I can’t feel my ear lugs’ syndrome for the second week running. Today was possibly the coldest cycle to date, only 7 miles as that’s all time would allow, and my first attempt at cycling through frosty puddles. Did I like it?  Well if the fact that I’ve still got my nails imprinted on the palms of my hands is anything to go by – no! I guess I haven’t got my cycling confidence back yet, still  it’s only been two weeks since I got knocked off  – I’ll be fine. I still enjoyed it though -hopefully we’ll have time to go out again tomorrow -though listening at the rain lashing down – we may need a dingy!!

7 frosty miles cycled

More of the same tomorrow (without the frost)

Bring it on

The Careful Comeback……..Maybe Not

Well I made it to work, clothes and all today – mainly because I went in the car. It was bucketing it down this morning, not that I mind getting wet but I really couldn’t face having to re-do my hair n stuff when I got there- I just wasn’t in the mood!! Thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Typical that come hometime there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, why couldn’t it have been the other way round- getting wet on the way home is not a problem.

Now, in full contrast to this morning it’s starting to freeze out there. Much as I love cold and frost it’s not really the weather I wanted to deal with today – not on my comeback run ( 3rd attempt) and especially after my run of recent luck (it seems to have run off). Yes, today was the day to test my knee out, I’ve been good, done my exercises and waited like my physio said. I even planned a route that was only slightly over the 2 miles physio said I could do – my intention was  to run a mile walk for 1/4 of a mile and then run another mile – erm whoops!!

All was going well until I paused to tie my lace, that’s when I noticed another runner at the bottom of the hill, now I may have lost some of my fitness and speed (and my marbles) over the last few weeks but I clearly haven’t lost my competitive streak. That was that, there was no walking a 1/4 mile I just legged it -so much for easing myself back in gently!!

2.3 miles in 18ish minutes

The comebacks on (again)

Bring it on



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