Rant Alert…Are Pools for Swimming In?

poolpicI know, I know -I’ve already ranted countless time during Janathon and we’re only on day 16. There’s been the ramblers, walkers and dodgy dogs all causing havoc and getting in the way,and having read blogs by other Janathoners it would seem I’m not the only one ranting. So now for another moan, with running still a no no -my knee is now completely knackered and todays freezing fog making cycling to work a tad too dangerous  I opted to go swimming -my aim  being to swim a mile. I nearly managed a mile, in fact I would have done had it not been for the fact my car parking ticket was about to run out -Idid think about risking it but I don’t think hubby would have been too happy with my plea of ‘Yes I know my car’s clamped but at least I’ve swum a mile’, not even if I’d done my best ‘flutter the eye lashes’ face. So I swam 50 lengths (only 14 short) and got out. But that wasn’t what annoyed me, what annoyed me was the people who go swimming to do anything but swim.

Now forgive me if I’m wrong but I thought the point of swimming was to get from one end of the pool to the other at whatever pace you choose several times until you’ve swum a decent distance……Maybe not!! There was the ‘hang gang, hanging to the side of the pool chatting -not a swimming stroke done -why not sit in the coffee shop? The ‘don’t splash me I’ve just applied my make up two’  flinging killer looks at those who dared to splash by -boy did I splash! Then there was the ‘shampoo and set’ lady, swimming along (mega slow) with her giraffe neck preventing her hair from getting wet. The ‘stop n block team’, swim to the middle then just stop for a chat and block the way – just swim, it’s not hard -really it’s not. Doggy paddle if you want, I really don’t care as long as you’re moving and not getting in my way…..

50 lengths swum (0.7 miles)

Might have to be the gym tomorrow

Bring it on



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