Eating, Searching and a right pile of Poo…..

pooWell the healthy eating campaign got off to a great start -not. A staff birthday and Jack’s cookery lesson meant it went to pot on day one. I can’t resist a chocolate hobnob (that’s why I don’t buy them) and Jacks banana cake was to die for, at least I redeemed myself by cycling to work and back. Granted I didn’t cycle home the long way – my little leggies were a tad tired after yesterdays cross country (field) cycle and I seem to have an imprint of my saddle on my thigh -it’s throbbing. God knows how I managed it – you clearly don’t grow out of being clumsy!!

So once home I was kind of looking forward to a quiet evening, then at 5 the  phone started to ring. I’m not sure how I got my reputation of ‘ always been there to help’ but it’s a reputation that seems to be spreading. When I answered the phone to the deputy head of Jack’s school my first thought was what’s he done -but no she was ringing to see if I knew the whereabouts of one of Jack’s friends (I didn’t)and could I help, within 5 minutes Jack and I were scouring the local parks and playgrounds while his mates mum waited at home and the staff tried to find out who he left school with, thankfully he’s safe and well and everythings sorted but I’m still slightly baffled as to why I was the chosen one!! Drama over, time for a cuppa, the phone rang. Welsh Wendy(proper welsh accent -yakki dah and all that) from Admiral Insurance trying to flog add ons to my policy -she hung up first, maybe I shouldn’t have asked her if her surname was ‘Jones’!!!

Finally it was sit down time, a chance to catch up with facebook and twitter – I don’t really get twitter or how I managed to get 22 followers but anyway, that’s when I noticed West Yorkshire Police’s Campaign to stop dog fouling -a great idea. But then I got to thinking……..Yes us blondes do think -occasionally. You see when I’m out running,cycling or walking,  it’s not the dog poo that’s the problem it’s the huge mounds of horse shit. Don’t get me wrong -I know you’d need one hell of a pooper-scooper to pick it up but do they really need to abandon it in the middle of the path. So I’ve tweeted to ask if the campaign applies to horses -I’ll let you know if I get a response……

Loving being back on the bike

Gym tomorrow

Bring it on



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