Olga Korbut takes on Ninja Warrior – apparently…..

So a rather deflating start to the day – there I was all packed and ready to go and then I got a flat tyre. No amount of instant fix pump up canister type things helped ( I’m really up on cycle technology!!!!) and changing inner tubes is hubby’s job. The cycle to work was abandoned. Things could only get better and actually they did. The immersive Greek temple type classroom is coming together and my column rage has abated (for now), having to drive to work meant I had my real ‘big coat’ with me so playground duty was almost bearable and the after work sports meeting was cancelled. Then came year 4 gymnastics when I discovered my inner Olga Korbut – something I never discovered as a kid as I was built like a fairy elephant. By the time the other teaching assistant and I had done our pencil, dish, teddy bear and egg rolls we couldn’t move – I think the kids enjoyed it. It seems the kids really do think I’m some kind of sporting nutter, I looked on in horror as one mum told me her child had asked if he could enter me in Ninja Warrior…….erm maybe not. Still the suggestion of me being warrior like must have struck a chord – I ran my fastest mile since knee surgery – the comebacks on.

Gymnastics and a speedy (for me) mile completed.

I’m playing Netball tomorrow (what am I doing???!?)

Bring it on. 


Feeling A Little Flat……….

s1So there I was, cycling gear on, cycling bag packed with my work stuff, waterproofs at the ready -just one problem – I had a flat tyre. Joy. Would the tyre re-inflate -no. Did I have time to start fannying about finding what was stuck in the tyre -no! Did I have time to put my spare innner tube on -no! Was I annoyed -yes! I had no option  but to get changed and put the bike away. Day 29 of Janathon looked like being a run day -something I didn’t really want to do today with hubbys man-flu still threatening to attack, but I can’t give up now.

Thankfully work lifted my mood, we had an author (Tommy Donbavand) in today, he was in to inspire the kids with their English ( I love English) and despite suggestions that he wasn’t very good -he was amazing. The kids loved him and to be honest so did I. So much so that come the afternoon the poor kid I was sat next to must have ended up with a dead arm cos I kept nudging her with answers to give. Whoops!

Once home I opted for a quick mile run and despite wheezing like a good un I managed to do it in 8 minutes and 30 seconds, not bad to say I stopped to take my jacket off -maybe I don’t feel so flat after all.

A quick run

30 pushups

A nice five miler tomorrow

Bring it on

Newland Discoveries……..

You can tell it’s the school holidays -it’s raining. I suppose it was too much to ask for, wall to wall sunshine all week. Still it hasn’t stopped us doing what we wanted, we’ve just had to get wet doing it. So with Jack off for a round of golf with his Grandma I took advantage of a bit of time for myself and headed out on Boris (I suppose most girls would head out for a bit of retail therapy -it’s really not my style!) It was probably the shortest ever cycle I’ve ever had, having failed to sort a dodgy tyre I was back home within 5 minutes – but needs must so I headed out on my other bike (which I hate) Morris or is it Mavis, I forgot what I called it now it’s that long since I last used it.

Still, despite it being harder work than usual, I really enjoyed it. I even braved the ‘funny fanny’ path (see Mondays blog) which was much easier as I didn’t have to worry about keeping up with hubby, who flies off at silly speed. Not having hubby also meant I got time to stop and look at some of the things I spot when we’re out and he has no interest in looking at. I just wish I’d taken my camera. First I saw a grouse (well I know it was now I’ve googled it -I’m crap at bird watching!!) then I went to look at what I was sure was the abandoned Newland Village, I’ve been trying to find it for sometime now and finally I have. I can’t believe I’ve been so close so many times. So I can go back with the camera now and have a proper look -watch this space.

Took  a few photos with my phone just to show you

Can’t wait to explore

Bring it on

A Little Flat and Muddy or is it Moody…………….

So at the moment my kitchen floor is covered in mud, my washer is full of sludge and as for the bottom of the bath – yuck. Ridiculous amounts of rain over the last few days meant Jack came home from rugby training looking like he’d been swimming in a swamp – and as for the smell, poor little Archie (my car) stinks. Winter Rugby is back -joy!!

The mud has only added to my grumpy mood – not really sure why I feel so grumpy but Boris getting a flat tyre on the way home didn’t help. Did a piece of glass really need to stick itself  in my bike tyre when I’m pushed for time as it is.Thankfully I only had a mile to walk home – and no I didn’t have a puncture repair kit with me (like I’d know what to do with it!!) Still the bikes mended and the muds nearly gone time for the mood to lift I think.

A little run in the morning

and a swim after work

Bring it on.

Two Bike Rides, a Broken Chain and a Skiving Guitar……….

So day two of ‘going to work on my bike’ regime and I managed to sneak an extra quarter of a mile onto my route. I’m hoping to get to do 3 miles once I get the hang of it – and find a safe enough route , and do 4 miles on the way home. Most of the route on the way there is main road and I can’t believe how close some traffic gets. What’s the point of having a cycle lane when you can’t get in it for cars. A different route on the way home makes for less traffic but as most of it is on mud tracks its no good for going to work – can’t turn up splattered in mud – maybe it will be better once the drier weather comes along!

Today I had my first technical problem, my chain came off…………….Now if it was a flat tyre on my car I could cope. The only thing I know about bikes is that they have 2 wheels and if you stay on it too long you get  a sore bum – yep I’ve invested in some fab looking padded shorts -they’ve yet to work!  So I was a little relieved (very), that my chain came off near my Mum and Dad’s. Good old Dad had it fixed in no time and I continued my scenic route home. Another downside of the scenic route home is the dodgy downhill tracks, Ive mastered going down them at break neck speed – I just need to learn not to scream as I fly down them! I just can’t help it. Jack and Ernie will testify that every theme park ride we go on results in me screaming longer and louder than anyone else in the place and for whatever reason I have the same urge if I’m flying down a hill (even short ones!) It’s fair to say I get some very strange looks!!

So to the skiving guitar – would you really play truant on the day you have to take your guitar to school. A whole day trying to look inconspicuous in a school uniform is hard enough, but with a bloody great guitar strapped to your back! Make no wonder the skiving guitar had given in by 9:20……………..

1.7 and 2.1 miles cycled

No biking tomorrow cos I’ll never fit my ‘Asda Big Shop’ in my rucksack

Double run

Bring it on



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